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Natalie Carter is your typical, beautiful teenage girl, except she gets bullied, badly. What happens when her family moves across the world to get away an she ends up meeting the one person who could make her forget. Will her past stay buried? Or will it make a reappearance and ruin the only good thing in her life?

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14. Chapter 13- So Nat...

So this chapter may be out of order but my wattpad is wazzing out and you can still get the gist of what is going on :)

Natalie POV-

"Well, uhh, when Cal ran out, and we went after him, we chased him all the way down to an alley. A big guy ran into him and Calum yelled at him making him mad and he got his buddies to beat up Cal. When we found Calum, I ran in front of the biggest guy who was punching Calum, and i Pushed him. He got really angry and just went to town on my face. I eventually got sick of it so I punched him as hard as I could, knocking him backwards. While he was on the ground, I repeatedly punched him. I don't know what came over me. I have been pushed around all my life and I was NOT gonna let some dick push me around. I was sick and tired of being treated like trash. So when I started hitting him, I couldnt stop. The boys had to pry me off of him before I killed him," He looked down at his socks and i lifted his chin.

"I will never let anybody treat you like that. I love you too damn much," I said kissing his lips. Then I turned my attention to Calum.

"So Calum. What do you think about your situation?" I asked hesitantly.

"Well I have decided that It is my baby to and I don't want to miss his or her life. I love Ashlyn and we would have probably had kids eventually. We are just doing things in reverse. We can make it through this. Ash and I will have a beautiful baby in 9 short months and I couldn't be more excited. Sure it is early, and I am not sure i am ready, but I am going to have to be ready. For her and for my child," Calum said.

I was speachless.

Calum was taking this really well and he is being very mature about this. If he would have left Ashlyn I probably would'nt have talked to him ever again.

"Go talk to her Calum," I said. He nodded and ran up the stairs to the guest room in which Ashlyn was staying.

Michael, Ashton, Luke, and I all went into the media room and popped in a movie. Mike and Ash fell asleep within minutes and Luke and i continued cuddling on the couch. I looked up at Luke's face and could tell that he was thinking hard about something.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I asked him breaking him out from his thoughts.

"Well seeing Calum and Ashlyn and how they are having a baby and stuff really makes me think about the future. Or to be more specific, our future," he said nervously.

"Well tell me how you imagine our future to be," I said curiously.

"I feel like we would have a small, intimite wedding with only our closest family and friends. You would looke so beautiful that i would start crying right there. I think we would live in New York but have a summer house here and visit every summer and some holidays. We would live in the suburbs but still be close enough to the city because I know how much you love it. We would have 1 or 2 kids that would be free spirited and respectful. We might get another dog to play around with Frolic," He looked down at me and his smile faded.

"Oh I am sorry I hope I didn't freak you out or..." I shut him up by kissing his lips long and gently.

"I think our future sounds perfect," I said with a smile as a smile grerw on his own face.


(6 months later)

Calum and Ashlyn are super excited about their baby's arrival. It took some time but they are both prepared and ready for her. Oh right. It is a girl. They have a name but when we ask they say that they 'Cannot disclose that information at this time.'

Today I woke up and Luke was not in the bed, but in his place was a note with Luke's neat handwriting on it.

Good morning beautiful.Hope you slept well. Get dressed and meet me at my house. I am taking you on an adventure and no I will not tell you what this adventure consists of. See you soon.

Love you babe.


After reading the letter, I quickly got changed and ran out the door. I walked right into Luke's house and saw him standing there with a single white rose. My favorite. He was dressed in the same clothes he wore the first day I met him. I kissed him and he kissed me back.

"So why am I here," i joked. He laughed.

'Well this is the first place that we met. The first place I laid eyes on you," He said. I mentally awed at how cute he was. Before I knew it I was being dragged into his car. We drove and when we got there, I immediately knew where I was. We got out of the car and laying on the ground was yyet another white rose. He picked it up and gave it to me.

"This was the setting of our first date where you also agreed to be my girlfriend. That was one of the best days of my life. I was so nervous that you were going to say no. Thank God you said yes," he said with a smile.

We got back in the car and he drove me back to my house which was confusing,but I went along with it. We walked in and on the couch was another white rose. We sat down on the couch.

"I know that this wasn't the place where we first said that we loved each other but, it is the place where I realixed that I loved you. I said it to you in your sleep because i didn't have the courage to say it to your face," he said. I smiled thinking back to that day.

Before I could react I was being pulled off the couch and back into the car. We drove in silence until Luke pulled over.

"Put this on over your eyes," he said handing me a bandana. I did as he told me and I felt the car move again. After a while, I heard Luke's door open and then my own. He lifted me up with his hand and. He guided me somewhere that I was unaware of. He let go of my hand so I stopped walking.

"Luke?" I asked.

I felt the blindfold being lifted from my eyes and I saw that we were standing in a rose garden filled with white roses. One stood out to me though.

It was a single red rose. Luke bent down on one knee and picked up the red rose, handing it to me. I blushed and took it. While I examined it I noticed a little note taped to the stem.

It read:

Natalie Rose Carter, will you marry me?

I looked down at Luke to see him standing on 1 knee with a shiny bright ring in a red velvet box.


OOOO LATALIE IS SO CUTE! This might be my favorite chapter!





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