Secrets~ 1D

The secret sisters of One Direction take over the world. How?
One Idea, One Blog, Two Directions...


1. The Death Glare

-----Niall's P.O.V-----

I woke up wet. Great way to start the morning! *Note the sarcasm*

My vision was still blurred from the lack of sleep I had last night but I could just about manage to make out Louis, Harry and Zayn laughing their heads off, each holding a bucket (which I assume was now empty) 

I rolled my eyes in response and fell back on my bed again but before I could close my eyes, I noticed Liam attached onto a wire from the ceiling with a spray of silly string and a nerf gun in each hand. As he sprayed it on me, I stood up and swung him back and fro which made him really worried. I looked over to Zayn and smashed the hotel mirror with my fist. Harry was already running out of the room so I gave Louis 'the glare' that only me and him knew what it meant...


Hey guys! I know it's a little short and rubbish but that's all that I could do tonight!

I will improve on the quality and quantity!


Please comment below who you would like to be Niall's and Harry's

girlfriends which I will include later on in the story 

~Georgia <3

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