Secrets~ 1D

The secret sisters of One Direction take over the world. How?
One Idea, One Blog, Two Directions...


2. Blaze Jane Payne

Blaze's P.O.V

Heya! I'm Blaze Jane Payne and I'm Liam Payne's (from One Direction) sister but he hasn't made it official because I told him not to. I have black straight natural hair and blue eyes.

Have you ever heard girls saying 'I'm worthless, fat and ugly' ? well... I used to hate it but now I'm one of those girls.

I was the most popular girl, cheerleader captain, rich, pretty, skinny, dancer, gymnast and the best singer but now since Liam left for x factor, I'm nothing. I get bullied. Alot.

I got bullied anyway by the one and only, Louis Tomlinson and Niall caught him one day but that was just about it. It was only between us 3. 

I got lots of scars on my neck and several cuts and bruises on my stomach but nothing visible for my parents to notice. My best friends are Vanessa Janes, Melissa Andrews and Hailey Jones.

Right now, we are in town and we are shopping for tonight's concert's clothes. We all chose dresses with matching heels. Vanessa, bright orange. Me, hot pink and Melissa, neon green. We are also taking a friend we met recently. She works at our fave dress shop and she's called Mackenzie but we call her Mack or Kenzie. She'll be wearing a pretty blue dress with matching heels. When we came back to my house we all did our nails, hair and makeup and also added some accessories. We didn't want to go but my parents forced me to go and said I could bring some friends since this is my brother. We received backstage and V.I.P passes that came along with the front row seat tickets as well. I will never forgive my brother but I'm excited to see him after 2 long years...




Hey guys! I'm just wondering if someone would like to be 

a co-author? I have great plans for this story to be interesting

if you want to be a co-author please tell me in the comments or on my email.

P.s. yet again, sorry for short chapters but I didn't have time!

Homework ugh!

~Georgia :*

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