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It's kind of like a dream you know? You always have that dream of meeting them but you never realise how amazing that moment could be until you have it, you have to have that moment it's all you've ever wanted and you're about to get it but will it be as special as you hoped?


1. the embarrassment

Hey to anyone who reads this I've never wrote one of these before so sorry if it's crappy

From Graces POV

There is no way I'm going to be calm at college this morning! No way on this earth! I can't even begin to believe I got my tickets a year ago and today's finally the day. Ok my seats aren't the best block 216, row B, seats 12 and 13 (yes I know that off by heart kind of sad but eh) but at least I'll get to hear their beautiful voices and faces especially Calum. my sunshine.

Today's not like any other regular day, no today I don't find myself dragging my butt from my bed and I was even awake before my alarm! Stupid thing is though I don't even need to be awake this early haha I'm going to school looking like a dog, not literally but I'm not doing my hair and make up till before the concert so technically yes I'm willingly going to school looking, well there's not enough lines to describe how I'll be looking. Thank god Wednesdays are only 2 hours! Still I could have done without college at all today.


"What mum?" I replied sarcastically as I closed the door

"Wheres my kiss?"

"Mum do you really need a kiss goodbye it's only 2hours at school haha" I said jokingly

"Well no I'm out all afternoon and knowing you you'll be on that train to leeds early"

That was true actually I had planned to get to the train station at 11 get the for 12 and see if I could spot 5sos before crowds of people got there.

"Fine" I said with one of those guilty looking smilies even though I wasn't guilty of anything my mum just knew me that well.

I honestly have no idea where those 2 hours went, photography's great we can sit listening to music and just get on with the work we have in my case all I did was sing alone to 5sos songs and pretty much get no work done but I knew that was going to happen I do it every time. Now to do my face which is a struggle in its self! I want to look like a rock girl which in a sense I am I love loads of different bands of course 5sos is my ultimate favourite, but I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard and there is no way on earth I'm wearing a banana suit even if 5sos have a thing with bananas. I'll go with my favourite nirvana shirt and red flannel top, my blue skinny jeans and the 4th pair of black vans I own. I go through those shoes way too quickly but I love them! I'll just do simple hair and makeup I'm sure 5sos won't care.

I'm kind of looking forward to catching the train down to leeds with Lilly maybe we'll meet some other fans on the way.



Lilly Is one of my best friends and she's super pretty, kind of a bad thing if we meet 5sos they're probably going to look at her not me haha

"Do you have the tickets?"

"Of course I do lil what do you take me for?"

"You don't want to know" she said laughing

"Is this our train?" I ask inquisitively

"Noo it just says leeds on the front haha"

Lilly's been to leeds tones of times where as I've never been so I'm kind of relying on her. Oh god.

Honestly this hour on the train is taking the piss and it looks like it's going to chuck it down with rain, how great! No coat no umbrella by the time it gets to 6:30 I'll look like an odd coloured panda, great.

Quite surprised I haven't seen another 5sos fan yet and were in leeds,where there playing, did I get the date wrong? Why am I even questioning myself of course I got the date right I've been on count down since I got the tickets. On the bright side it hasn't rained and I have one of those stupid grins slapped across my face as we get closer to the arena

"Hey are you here for the 5sos concert?" I asked as we walked up to the group of 4 girls stood out front

"Yea, where is everyone?" Replied the eldest looking girl

"I haven't got a clue I was just thinking that myself"

We were all confused I mean it wasn't a bad thing we were the first ones there maybe 5sos would come out?

It's been half an hour in which time me and lil when to go get KFC for lunch and a Starbucks, such white girls we are haha and still no one else has come.

"Hey guys do you want to play this stupid game I have paper?"

"Sure, what's the game?" Replied Sophie (the eldest girl)

"We each write a line and the first word to the next line you, can write anything you want just make sure you fold the paper so no one can see what you put I'll start"

This is one of my all time favourite games it used to come out with the funniest stories

"Ok are we all done?"

"Yes" everyone replied beaming with excitement to see what it read

"Ok, one day calum hood decided to go on a walk, On a old mans face. He was" I paused and burst out laughing

"He was what?" Came a deep voice from the gate behind us

We all quickly turned to find standing there luke, ash, mikey and Calum looking over at the piece of paper

Oh my god you have got to be kidding me please tell me they didn't just hear that. They all stood looking expecting me to read the next line

"Umm er he was twerking topless down the road" I said shyly

They looked at each other and started laughing, thank god

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