Hazle nut coffie shop



I'm Hayden Dallas I'm nothing special so don't ask couse it's none of ur business. I have a mother a sister named searria and a brother named Cameron un like them I'm not famous no one knows I'm there sister.do u wanna know why huh do ya?. We'll it's because there ashamed of me I don't know why or what I did other than be born oh wait I left out one big resin why my mother and siblings hate me, okay so my so called mom cheeted on searria and Cameron's dad with a guy named Ronny and they were sleeping together, gess who was created by this Ronny guy? Oh right I was so I'm the outcast of my family because my mother can't keep her legs shut and to top that both guys I mean it both guys left her so gess who was raised and treated like shit if u gessed me ur right yes sr re buster I'm the girl who works at counter 1 in the hazel nut coffie shop the one my parent ones yep and I'm the only kid out of 3 who has to work there so as u can see my life is one of those disappointing things u read in newspapers.

Hayden's pov

I was working all night and never got to have a break so gess who was sleeping on the counter of the family hazel nut coffee shop. I was and guess who got extra coffee shop work that was also me to I had a long fucking list of things to do and it was only me and some guy named Ashton he was new hear so I had the pleaser of teaching him the basics of the shop, NO slacking and NO talking back oh and one more thing NO flirting on the job I said with my arms crossed I was using my sad voice as always I looked a mess.

"Okay so we're do I start"

I looked up, are u asking me or?

"I'm asking you ma'am"

Oh we'll u can start with those peoples tables over there I said as I pointed to some tables

"Ahh ur giving me the dirty work I see, u don't like getting messy"

Oh no I'm always doing dirty work so I figured I would give half to u and half to me, I was looking at my feet by then

"I was just kidding uh if you want I'll do the dirty work ? Cas I will"

No no it's okay my mom Susan she will be mad if I don't get some dirty work

"Susan is ur mom the boss is ur mom u must get free days off and get raises"

No I don't okay so please don't say that, okay Susan hates me I'm the child she wanted aborted and I'm her servant so no I don't get none of that

"U don't deserve that u know what I'll do every thing u take a break"

Okay I gess we'll thx um Ashton

"Please call me ash I hate the name Ashton"

Okay ash we'll I'll leave u to it and with that I left for my break

Ashton's pov

I walked in to the hazel but coffee shop it was my first day working hear so I figured the boss.Susan. Would show me around but she did not a girl did she was about my age and I could tell she was broken on the inside by the way she talked to me and when I gave her a break she never called any friends I'm guessing she don't have any I looked up and someone was yelling at her it was a boy a light skinned boy he looked mixed he was tall and looked kinda like Hayden. He was yelling and she was crying he lifted his hand up when I rushed over

STOP I screamed

"Look if u know what's best for u you'll go back to work" he spit on me the. He smacked and kicked Hayden so I smacked him

DONT U EVER PUT UR HANDS ON A LADY I was screaming by then and my face was red h got up

"You know u don't care so stop pretending"

I do care, I care more than u do and I'm a stranger ur her brother

"Oh no I'm not"

Yes u are idiot ur Cameron Dallas Hayden Dallas's brother I'm not a fucking retard like you I stormed off to think about things

Like why the hell was he hitting her what did she do I want to save her to help her I know she deserves more than me and I'm older than her so I'll call Hayes he's about her age and he went thrue this with nash so he will be a good friend for her I walked home and played some x box I mean Hayden was on my mind and every thing I did I felt like she could never do it so I went to sleep

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