Little Black Dress

Lisa Davenport,a bad girl who goes to university and lives with her two friends,Diana and Anne Sparks.
Harry Styles,also a bad boy that doesn't go to school but searching for a job and lives with his friends.

What happens when Harry and Diana meet that night?What relashionship is going to grow in a bad girl amd a bad boy?
What happens when someone gets in their love life?And what will happen to Lisa?

Harry Styles is not searching for a girlfriend but for which reason?Lisa Davenport isn't too but she does it for fun.
Warning:sexual contenet.


1. Five hot english guys in one room


"-We want you back home at Los Angeles,Li!"my sister shouts through the phone after an hour of arguing about my dad."-Not till she goes away!"i shout back.

"-We all love you and you know dad needed to go forward and not back.Dad won't forget mum becasue she's been so important in our lifes."Helena explains now calming down."-If you want to call only to talk about this..then don't call anymore!I don't want to see or talk to you all again!"i put the phone down at her and realise Diana leaning at the door with her arms crossed.

"-What?!"i ask angry raising my hands in the air."-Why are you like that?"i roll my eyes."-Not again!"i warn Diana,i walk to my bedroom to prepare my books for university."-No!Listen to me Miss.Davenport!"she grabs my arm and i throw the last music book the my bed.

"-Do it quick then!"she sits on the bed like i do,Diana takes my hands and meets my brown eyes."-You only have a dad and a sister,Li!Just give him a chance and plus you didn't even meet Megan!"yeah,my step-mother,my mum died when i was ten years old leaving me and my sister Heken with dad.After years,my dad comes home with her girlfriend Megan and then after they decide to get married.

And that's when i decide to run away,i asked my sister to cone with me but Helena refused to come to New York.I live with my two best friends,Diana and Anne in a appartment in New York.

I go to University to study music,my dream is to become a singer and i also play the piano.My mum used to teach me when i was a little girl while,Helena was interested to become an artist.She has an art gallery in Los Angeles with all her paintings,i went to visit my family last year but when Megan came,i didn't go anymore.

I hate Megan and dad because i don't like the idea of having an other mother,telling you to wash up the plates or tidy your room but that's for kids.

I'm an outgoing person that likes to go out and have fun at night with hot boys,i really like my new life in New York with my best friends.

"-It's late Dee!"we all call Diana Dee so,it's sorter."-This is not finished!"she points me with a raising eyebrow."-Aren't you comming?"Diana goes to the same university as i do,we have the same passion and Anne too.

"-No,cause i have to do something important."she explains."-What?"she stands up to put my last book in my bag."-To meet some new boys,Dave asked me to meet them because he's busy to tidy up after the big mess of last night!"Dave is Diana's brother and he owns a nightclub in the big city."-What do they want?"i ask standing up too."-There are searching a job and Dave told me there are five guys comming."we both make a cheeky smile at each other."-I might find something to not go to university today!"Diana shakes her head and i make a sad face."-Do what you need to do."and with that,Diana leaves the room and i follow her fetching my mobile and bag.

Harry's P.O.V.

"-Guys,what time did Dave say we needed to be there?"i ask at the boys watching tv on the sofa."-At eight,why?"i join then and grab a beer from the pack."-Asking."Zayn sits up and takes a sip of his beer."-Dave said that we will be meetinghis siter because he's busy.I hope she's hot!"we all laugh and Louis pats Zayn's back.

"-Let's make a bet."he offers us."-Which one?"Liam asks."-Who can fuck her first?Who wins is going to have all the beers in the fridge."Louis adds."-Were in."Niall says.

"-Harry?"Louis looks at my eyes and i leave my thoughts to look at him."-Are you ok?"he asks and i nod."-Sure?"i stand up."-It's just that i'm kind of nervous for the job,a new life is starting for us guys."we all take our beers up and drink one after an other.

"-I hope she fucks well."i say and everyone laughs."-All the girls that you've been with,have said that your amazing under the sheets!"Niall says and i smile at the memories with all the girls i've been with at the last few moths after that my life changed.

I'm Harry Styles and i live here,in New York with my best friends,Zayn,Louis,Liam and Niall in the centre.I don't go to school,i just want to get this job or if they don't want me,i need to keep searching on the news papers like i did.

My life has changed after leaving my family,my mum and dad died when i was ten years old an i don't talk with my brother Gavin for personal reasons that only the lads know about it.

I'm an outgoing person and i go out with my friends to eat or to have fun,i don't have a girlfriend and don't wish to have one,i'm happy to fuck only.

Diana's P.O.V.

"-Hi,i'm Diana Sparks,Dave's sister.You are?"i shake hands with these five hot boys in front of me in Dave's office."-I'm Zayn and this is Harry,Louis,Niall and Liam."he say pointing them each one.

"-Where do you all come from?"i ask looking at the curled one staring at me."-Were all from England and you,Diana?"i make a huge smile."-Wow!Me too.I'm from London."i explain sitting down behind the desk."-Please sit down."i say pointing the chairs.

"-You asked my brother for a job,right?"they all nod."-Well,i must say that all of you can be bodyguards and some of you can be bar mans for us.Do you like the idea?"Zayn gives me a smile and i notice his tattoo on his arm.

"-Wow,i beautiful girl and plus intelligent,very goo and thanks.It will be great."he say and i blush."-When shall we start?"i think for a second and look at the mini calender on the desk."-What about tomorrow?"i ask."-Great,thanks for your time."Harry stands up to kiss my hand."-Thanks,what a gentleman you all are."i admit."-Starting at what time?"i laugh forgetting the main details."-At seven thirty?"they all nod.

"-Thanks."Niall says."-See you tomorrow Miss.Sparks."-Harry winkes and me and Zayn shakes my hands.When they go out,i fall on the chair and smile at the thought that five ht guys are going to work at my nightclub.

Lisa's P.O.V.

"-Wow,did you do a picture of them?"Anne asks jumping up and down."-How could she An,Diana was too busy thinking at the dirty stuff she can do to all five at them."i explain smiling and Diana rolls her eyes.

"-Girls,i am possessed by this curl headed one and a dark one and guess?!They are from London and two of them flirted with me."me and Anne cover oir mouths with our hands."-You will be very tired tomorrow night when you come home."i joke shaking my head."-Oh,and i will warn you now,if you hear noises while your sleeping,don't worry i'm just having fun."she winkes at us and i stare at Diana as she leaves Anne's bedroom.

"-Who said that i will be at home tomorrow night?"i say with a smile."-Yep,you're right."i sit at the chair of Anne's desk."-Why don't you ask at Diana for a job at her nightclub?"i propose reading some of her notes on a piece of paper.

"-No..i will find others."i look at her and then i,laugh leaving the room.I go to the livingroom,i close the door and fetch my music book to practise the new song with the piano.I always practise after scholl and that's when i get a bit of privacy and silence from the world.

I hear a knock at the door and i stop playing."-Come in."i say and i see a happy Diana storming in the room."-I've got an idea!"she says claping her hands and i sit her down next to me."-What idea?"i ask closing the music book."-Your birthday will be in three or tow days right?"she thinks counting with her hands."-Today is Tuesday so,yep,my birthday is on Thursday in three days."i nod thinking too."-Why don't we party at my nightclub till late and of course,the house offers always for you and Anne."she reminds me."-Wow,good idea."i say opening the book again."-Let's talk about it later,ok?"i point at the piano and she nods.

"-I'l start with the invitations and by telling Dave."she explains running out of the livingroom.

I'm so happy to have Diana and Anne in my life,they are always there for me when i need help and i do the same by helping them.I continue to play the piano when..


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