the right beanie

Alora, is 19 and is trying to find the right beanie. she finds Louis Tomlinson and says that he is her right beanie but has trouble with him. " i cant do this any more Lou." "babe plz don't go i need you." " im sorry Lou."


4. the date



Alora's pov.

tonight's the night! Louis and I's first date. Aimee and I went to the mall to get my outfit. she picked out a very dark blue dress with white heels, bow earrings, a flower crown, and im going to wear my infinity sign necklace with it. we got back to my house and i took a shower while Aimee set out my outfit. when i got out i put the dress on and Aimee got my make up done. I then put my earrings on and my necklace. i put my heels on and went to my door mirror. i looked at my self and thank Aimee a thousand times for helping me. i then heard the door bell. my mom called me to come down. " Coming mom. I'll be done in just a second." " Its going to be okay alora. don't freak out. if you need me text of call and i will answer right away, okay?" " Okay, thank you so much Aimee. i love you and wish me good luck." after that chat i left to go down stairs and then Louis and I's eyes met each other and his eyes got big. " Hi Louis."      " Hi beautiful." my mom then interrupted and pushed me out of the house and Louis took me to his car. he opened the passenger door for me and i thanked him. " so, where are we going?" i asked. " It's secret love. did i tell you that you look beautiful this evening?" " I think so Lou because you said 'Hi beautiful' back at the house." " well, then I'll say it again, you look beautiful tonight." that made me blush very much.

*at the date place*

we drove for 30 min. but i loved every single minute. we talk about life and family and other stuff. when the car stopped i looked out and saw that we had gone to a beautiful park. "This is beautiful Louis" I said."Just like you" he said. After we found a spot to sit we ate the food that Louis packed and it was a so very good. after that we took a walk around the park then we headed back to the house. when we arrived at the house Louis came to open my door for me. he walked me up to my front door. " thank u Louis for this amazing night" "i had a amazing night too, Alora. Maybe we can do this again?" he ask. "yeah I'd like that." i told him. he started to lean in and i thought we were going to kiss but than Ashton opened the door making us jump apart. " Alora, time to come in." he said. i gave Louis a kiss on the cheek and said one more thank you before i walked inside and Ashton closed the door. " so, Alora, how was you date with Louis?" he asked. i started telling him the story then i went to bed.

Lou bear<3:

night beautiful. sweet dreams.


night Louis. see you Monday.

after that i went to bed and dreamed of Louis and I's date.


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