the right beanie

Alora, is 19 and is trying to find the right beanie. she finds Louis Tomlinson and says that he is her right beanie but has trouble with him. " i cant do this any more Lou." "babe plz don't go i need you." " im sorry Lou."


2. the beanie boy

   Alora's pov.

  when he walked over to us, me and Aimee freaked on the inside. " hi, alora right?' he said. i screamed inside and i nodded my head. " im Louis, Louis tomlinson, we have math  together." " i know." he sat down in front of me right when Aimee left. we talked all though lunch until the bell rang and we walk together to class because we also have choir together which i have right after lunch.

                                                                                   * after school *

Louis met up with me and my friends in the parking lot so he could meet my friends before i had to go to work. " hey Louis, i would like u to meet my friends. this is my best friend Aimee, this is Zac, Sarah, Emily, Reagan, Eddie, and Jack." i told him. when we were done talking it was time for me to go. " i've got to go guys." " were are u going?" " ive got to go to work at the bakery." ' that's were im going. i can give u a ride." we said bye to everyone and Louis took me to the bakery. on the way there  we had talked about family and life and school. "so alora how long have you been working at the bakery?" " i have just started working there yesterday" " that's cool." when we got there we said our goodbyes and he said that he would text me later when i am off work.


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