the right beanie

Alora, is 19 and is trying to find the right beanie. she finds Louis Tomlinson and says that he is her right beanie but has trouble with him. " i cant do this any more Lou." "babe plz don't go i need you." " im sorry Lou."


3. texts from him

  Alora's pov.

 finally work was over and its 7:00 pm. i cant wait to get home. i looked at my phone and saw that i had a text from a Louis.

 Lou bear<3:

"hi love, its Louis just to let you know. i was wondering if maybe you would go on a date with me sometime?"


"I would love to. when and where?"

Lou bear<3:

"Great, I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8:00pm. Dress beautiful love.

after that text i went home and got ready for another day at school. I took a shower then got into my PJ's for bed. all night i was having dreams about Louis and i. they where lovely dreams. now only maybe on day they will come true.

*Next Day*

I woke up to my alarm blaring in my ear. i was having the most wonderful dream ever and it had to be ruined by a stupid alarm. well at least i get to see Louis today, and all of my friends of course. oh yeah there's one thing i haven't told you yet about me, well, no one knows this about me excepted for my parents and Aimee, but i have a brother. i bet you guys are wondering who my brother is. my brother is Ashton Irwin. yep, that's right, I'm Alora Irwin. today I'm wearing my bandana and a band T-shirt. here is some things about me. i have brown hair and brown eyes, i love to wear bandana's, i love to wear band shirts, and i love beanies. now lets get back to school. I walked around to the back of the school to meet up with my squad. when i got to the back of the school Ashton and his group where there too. mostly they don't come back here but when the do it means that I'm in trouble. " Morning little sis." Ashton said. " Morning Ashton." just then i felt someone put there arms around me. i jumped and turned around. when i saw Louis i felt better. i thought it was Luke because Luke was not with Ashton today. i quickly got back into Louis arms and remembered that we had a date tonight. i have to tell Aimee so we can go shopping and she can help me with my make up and hair. " Hello to you too love." Louis said. after he said that the bell for 1st period went off. great now i wont see Louis till tonight because when i tell Aimee she is going to want to go shopping at lunch. well lets hope school is fast today.



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