the right beanie

Alora, is 19 and is trying to find the right beanie. she finds Louis Tomlinson and says that he is her right beanie but has trouble with him. " i cant do this any more Lou." "babe plz don't go i need you." " im sorry Lou."


1. school day

 Alora's pov.

today is the first day of my new school. we moved from the Texas to Doncaster and i have to start a new high of my old friends also moved here and she is going to the same school. i don't want to go but my parents are making me. We got in the car and drove to my new school. my first class is science. but after 3rd period is lunch. 


finally its lunch. i found my best friend Aimee sitting at a table waiting for me. i sat down with her and we looked around at all the boys and girls at the other tables. One guy caught my eye and i just stared at him. " Alora what are u looking at?" Aimee said. she got me out of my trance and i was wondering why i was looking at him. Aimee has been going to this school since the first day so she new everyone. " Aimee who is that guy over there with the beanie?" " that's Louis Tomlinson, every girl wants him but he is looking for a girl like him." he had blue eyes, brown hair, and was waring a beanie. just by looking at his beanie i knew i was in love. he saw me staring and i felt embarrassed. he started to walk over here and Aimee and I freaked out.


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