Baby Steps (Jalex)

After that one drunk night in high school, Jack and Alex were left with a little baby girl. So far everything has been okay, but can two completely different guys really make this teen father thing work when everything is changing so fast?​​ (Sequel to "All We Know")


2. Chapter Two

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I woke up the next morning around ten am. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, noticing a small note and a rose at the foot of the bed. I bent down, picking it up and ripping the rose from the flimsy sheet of paper. Alex could be so cheesy sometimes, but it was one of the many qualities that I loved about him. Smelling the Rose and opening the paper, the note said;

Sorry I couldn't be there this morning. I had to go in early this morning to get some time off for tonight. I talked to my mom and she said she was happy to take care of Lyric while we go out tonight. Happy anniversary.
Love, Alex.

I smiled brightly at the note, feeling my heart beat faster in my chest. It was the little things like this that made me really happy that I had him. I got up, uncovering myself and sliding some sweat pants and a t-shirt on. I filled a small glass with water and dropped the rose in, it was a myth, but that's what you do with flowers. I sat the note next to the flower and got out another glass for something to drink. It wasn't long before I hear Lyric start to cry from the other room, this was probably the latest she ever slept, Alex must have gotten up to check on her a few times before he left. I sighed setting the glass down and going into her room. 

My eyes landed on the small baby, attempting to pull and hold herself up with the railing on the crib, but her legs still being too weak and unstable to completely do it longer than a couple seconds. She cried louder as she fell back on her bottom, probably the third time this morning. I walked over, picking her up and giving her a kiss. “Morning, baby, how are you?” I asked her in my high pitched voice. I brought her over to the changing table and changed her then getting her some of that nasty jar food for babies. “I'm pretty sure dogs get better food than babies do.” I told her and laughed to myself, knowing that she couldn't actually understand what I was saying yet. 

I burped her and went downstairs cradling her on the side of me. I saw Mrs. Gaskarth in the kitchen cleaning up something, so I went in there and said hi. “Oh, hi, Jack. We’ve been living in the same house for months and its like I don't even see you.” she laughed and came over to me. 

“Yeah, its kind of hectic. School and the baby, I don't know how people do it.” I said to her. She started making faces at the little girl, making her giggle and move around in my arms. Isobel came over and took her, holding her up. 

“It gets easier, it’s all about learning.” she told me before facing her attention back to the baby. “How’s my little grandbaby? Are daddies being nice to you?” she cooed to Lyric. The baby was holding on to Isobel's shirt and finger. 

“Alex said that you were okay watching her tonight since he’s taking me out,” I brought up what I really came down here for. 

“Yeah, he talked to me yesterday about it. I'm more than happy to help you guys out. Being locked up in the house all day is no fun. You’re still young, go out, do things, but don't forget about her.” she joked about the last part. 

“I don't think I could even if I wanted, too.” I told her back, while I was leaning against the counter. “do you think you could watch her for a little while right now? I have a huge report do by tonight but I won't be here so I have to get it done early.”

“Yeah, of course, she can stay down here and help me clean.” even though Lyric was just a baby, I could already pick out the slight disgust at helping to clean. I told Isobel thank you and went back upstairs. I got something to eat and got out my laptop, typing up the report that’s due for my human studies class. I finally got it done a couple hours later and emailed it to my teacher. I got up taking a quick shower and getting dressed for tonight. Alex just said to dress nice, but nothing too fancy. So I figured that a pair of black jeans and a red button up shirt would do fine. Not too dressy, but enough so that I didn't seem too out of place if we went anywhere fancy. 

I went downstairs again seeing Isobel on the couch, but now sign of Lyric. “Please tell me you didn't sell my child?” I joked with her and went in the living room. 

“Don't worry, I only bought the good drugs with her.” Mr. Gaskarth joked back. “Nah, shes in her other crib taking a nap.” I walked around in front of her and sat down. “You look nice, Jack.” she complimented me. 

“Thank you.” I smiled and replied to her. 

“Where is Alex taking you tonight?” she asked and turned the volume on the TV down so that she could hear me. 

“I don't actually know. He wouldn't say, he just said dress nice, but keep it fairly casual.” I answered. I heard a beep from outside and stood up. “Thank you,” I replied. “and thank you so much for watching her.” I said again. I left walked out to Alex’s truck. 


Alex was silent most of the way to the restaurant. I tried asking him where we were going, but he didn't want to tell me. Something seemed wrong though, I figured it what best just not to ask right now. After a couple minutes, Alex pulled into the drive away of Hatchy’s a small restaurant that just opened up a couple months ago. 

“Hatchy’s? Isn’t this a little expensive?” I asked Alex and looked at him. 

“A little, but I wanted to treat you with something nice. We don't really get to go out and just talk anymore. Lyric takes up most of our time, don't get me wrong, I love her, but it’s nice to have some time alone.” he told me and smiled. He lent in kissing me and we got out of the truck. We walked inside and stood at the door, waiting for someone to come seat up. A young lady walked up. She was about my height, big green eyes and long brown hair the was pulled back into a ponytail. 

“Hi, my names Abby. How many are there today?” she asked up in a happy voice. 

“Just us two.” Alex replied and she smiled. 

“Alright, this way.” she said and picked up a couple menus. She brought up to the back between a table and a booth. “Table or booth?” she asked us. We both muttered booth under our breaths and she sat the menus down. “We are a little short staffed today, so I am also going to be your waiter. Can I get you something to drink?”

“I’ll just have a water.” I said and Alex nodded with me. 


“Okay, I’ll be right back to get your order.” she said and walked away. 

“Thanks for tonight, Lex. Its really calming not having to worry about Lyric all the time.” Alex nodded and scanned over him menu. “Lex,” I said, he just nodded again. “Alex,” I said a little louder and he looked up at me. “Is everything okay? You’ve been really quiet.” 

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Sorry, just a lot on my mind.” he told me. I was about to say something before our waiter came back over with her notepad and asking up what we wanted. 

“The special, please.” I told her. 

“Do you want mashed potatoes or corn on the side?” she asked, he pen writing quickly.

“Potatoes.” I said and looked at Alex.

“I’ll just have the same thing. It sounds good.” She nodded and wondered off again. I was just looking at him. I couldn't tell if he was worried or upset about something. “What?” he said looking back up at me. 

“What's going on?” I asked him. He just shook his head. “Alex, please. Just tell me what's going on.” he sighed and leaned back against the booth. 

“My hours at my second job were cut back again. They are laying people off like crazy. I told them I'm just a college student who has a daughter to take care of. My boss is trying to keep me on as long as he can, but the owner of the shop is just letting everyone go.” I gave him a sympathetic look. 

“I wish I could help, I feel so useless. You have two jobs and go to college, I don't have a job at all.” I told him and looked down. 

“Hey,” he said, reaching his hand out and touching mine. “Don't worry about it. You are in your senior year, that stressful, and you are taking care of our baby most of the time. Don't worry about getting a job, I can handle it. It’s just going to be really tight on money for a while.”

“At least we have your mom, I know you don't want to rely on her all the time and I don’t want to either, but we might have to for a while.” I told him. He just shook his head. 

“I don't want it to be like that though. You, me, our baby, it’s our family. I don't want to rely on my mom for everything. I was the stupid kid that went and got you pregnant. I’ll take care of it, I promise.” he said quietly. I knew that there was no convincing him otherwise, he was always okay with his mom helping and when I was stressed and he was gone, he suggested it, but when it came to money, nope. That was one of his flaws, he was stubborn. Sometimes people needed help, and he was the kind that hated asking for it. I just nodded. 

“Kinda funny,” I started and he looked up at me with a confused look. “We are only seventeen and eighteen and already worrying about money and a few month old baby.” I said chuckling a little. He smiled and did the same. 

“The world is crazy, he muttered. The waitress came back with our food and we started eating. “Anyway, hows school going?” he asked me, taking a bit of his food. 

“Annoying, constant reports, dumb stuff I’ll never use in my life.” I groaned. “What about you? How’s college going?” I asked him back.

“Not like the movies, for obvious reasons. It’s okay I guess, the people in my classes are pretty cool, the teachers are for the most part, nice. It’s definitely better than high school.” he chuckled.

After about an hour, Alex and I finished our meal and paid. We were driving back home when Alex made a random turn down a dirt road. “Um, Alex, where are we going?” I asked feeling a little uneasy about this part of town. 

“Sh, you’ll see.” he said and pulled into a parking area. A parking area for what? I didn't know. There was nothing but woods around here. “Get out and get in the back.” I gave him a confused look. “Just do it.” he said and got out. I got out, going around to the back of his truck. He opened the top of it, taking the plastic off that protected whatever was on the inside. He rolled it up and stuck it in the back seat. 

I looked inside of the back and there were tons of blankets and pillows spread out along the bottom. I looked up at Alex, who had a cute look on his face, waiting for me to say something. “So?”

“What is it for?” I asked him. He got in the back and helped me up. We sat down, sitting next to each other. 

“I just thought it would be cute to just spend time here.” she said and kissed me. “Look up.” he said. I looked up, awing at the stares. “Its one of the only places in the city where you could actually see the stars. 

“You’re so cheesy,” I laughed at him. 

“Yeah, yeah. I just thought it would be nice to just lay here for a while before we had to go back home.” he leaned back, resting against the pillows. I laid back with him, cuddling into his chest. I made him look at me and started to kiss him.

“Thanks for tonight.” I mutter and continued kissing him.

Cute cheesy date because I know all of you are suckers for those kinds. Anyway, thank you for reading. Don't forget to comment, telling me what you think. ​​

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