Baby Steps (Jalex)

After that one drunk night in high school, Jack and Alex were left with a little baby girl. So far everything has been okay, but can two completely different guys really make this teen father thing work when everything is changing so fast?​​ (Sequel to "All We Know")


3. Chapter Three

Things were starting to get a little heated in the back of Alex truck. I pulled Alex so that he was between my legs and I wrapped them around his hips. I kept my hands on the back of his neck, keeping him close to me. Alex kept his hands gripped tightly on my hips, his thumbs brushing along the small stripe of skin just above my jeans where my shirt rode up. He moved his hands so they were under my shirt, feeling all around my stomach. He pulled up smiling at me.

“What?” I muttered, all of a sudden feeling a little self conscious. 

“Nothing,” me mumbled and kissed me. “It’s just hard to believe that this skinny, little body held a baby for nine months,” he laughed a little. I shook my head, bring his back down to kiss him some more. Alex lifted my shirt up some, exposing it to the coldish air. He pushed his lower half against mine, making a tiny noise form in the back of my thought. Leave it up to Alex to always be turned on, I could practically feel his fully hard erection through mine and his pants already. 

Alex reach for my zipper and slowly pulled it down, giving me enough time to stop him, but I didn't want to stop. At this point, I wanted to have sex with him as much as he wanted to have sex with me. He slipped his hand into my pants, groping me and stroking my slowly as he started to kiss and suck on my neck. He was amazing, not that I actually had anyone else to compare him too, but I got off either way. I stopped him, slipping off his jacket and pulling his shirt over his head. I pulled mine off next and brought him back to me, letting out skin finally rub against each other.

We were starting to get a little desperate. It has been a long time for the both of us, maybe four or five months. Things have been so busy, we never actually got time alone, so we were definitely not going to pass up this opportunity. He stumbled off me, taking off his pants, letting me see that he was fully hard already. He took off his boxers and through them aside, leaving himself fully naked in front of me. That turned me on even more. Alex helped pull my tight jeans from my legs along with my boxers too. 

“Fuck,” he groaned in a deep voice, coming back down and kissing me. I took hold of both of us and rubbed out hardening members together. Alex was practically throbbing and red from the lack of touch. “It’s about damn time,” he moaned and ducked his head into the crook of my neck. I could feel his body getting hot on top of mine, hell, mine was just getting as hot too. 

Alex finally pushed off a little, reaching under the pillows and pulling out lube and a condom. I rolled my eyes at him and took the condom from his hands. “So you were planning this all night?” I chuckled. He just shrugged and popped the cap on the lube. He lubed up his fingers and pushed the first one into me. I took it easy, being used to it by now. He slipped in the second one. I moaned as he started to move them in and out.

My hand found it’s way to my leaking dick, stroking myself slowly, rubbing the precum around the tip. After the stretching, Alex removed his fingers and took the condom from me, rolling it over his length. There was no way that we were going to be having another kid. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as he lined up and slowly started to push in. He moaned against my lips and he filled me up. 

My legs hooked around his back as he pulled out and pushed back in. Alex started moving at a steady pace. His arms planted firmly on either side of my head, as he was kissing me. My nails digging into his back as he thrust in a little harder each time. With every thrust and move, I could feel it getting better and better. He started to move faster, his breathing heavier as his hips picked up when his lips left mine. I dug into his back harder, my heels pressing against the back of his thighs. 

“Uh, fuck,” I moaned as he hit my prostate. “There, again,” I groaned out. He dropped his head on my shoulder again and started moving faster. I was moaning a sweating, feeling the sweet ecstasy build up in the pit of my stomach. Alex kissed my neck as his hand slunk between us and grabbed a hold of my dick. He stroked me lightly, but it felt amazing to have some pressure lifted from me. Alex rubbed my up and down even faster, the pleasure building and building. My head swung back as I got closer to my climax.

“I'm gonna come,” I moaned. Alex squeezed my dick and pumped me harder. My moaning was loud. It was a good thing there was no one else around us. That would have not been a fun this to explain. I bit into his neck as he slid his hand up one more time, letting my body go as I came, shooting onto my stomach. My head swung back again, feeling the effects of my orgasm spread through my body. My legs went weak and my arm fell off Alex.

Alex pounded into me hard, bringing himself to his orgasm as he still inside me. I felt his breath on my chest and his head laid on me. After a couple seconds, he rolled off of me and onto his back. The both of us breathed heavily, basking in our post-orgasm state. I watched as Alex rolled off the condom and tied it, throwing it over the side of the truck onto the ground. 

“Littering is bad,” I said to him. He rolled his head looking at me, laughing a little.

“Well, I don't want my mom finding condoms anywhere. She’s still not too keen on idea of me having sex.” he chuckled a little. 

“I thought you’ve been having sex since you were like fifteen?” I questioned.

“I was, but she didn't know that,” he said and paused. “It’s funny, I’ve been having sex since I was fifteen, two condoms broke and I’ve even had sex a couple times without them, yet somehow, I ended up with the one freaking guy that was extremely fertile,” He said laughing.

“Yeah, well now you’re stuck with me.” I gave him a smug smile and he just rolled his eyes. He got up, giving me a quick kiss and got on his knees. He pulled on his shirt, boxers and pants. 

“Hurry up and get dressed. We can't stay out too late, I'm sure my mom wants to get some sleep and not have to worry about Lyric.” he smiled and hopped out of the truck.

Boring and dumb chapter I know, but have I ever written a fanfic without smut? Nope. Anyway, sorry for the super slow updates. This is really only my free time writing at the moment, “Behind Closed Doors” and “Stage Four” are my top priorities at the moment (You can read them on Wattpad/Mibba - my user is RaisedByMusicc). Once those are done, this will be more frequent and longer (hopefully).
Thank you for reading <3 don't forget to Vote and Comment what you think.​

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