Baby Steps (Jalex)

After that one drunk night in high school, Jack and Alex were left with a little baby girl. So far everything has been okay, but can two completely different guys really make this teen father thing work when everything is changing so fast?​​ (Sequel to "All We Know")


1. Chapter One

These past months have been exhausting. I tried to stay in school as long as I could, but that wasn't an option after a while. I had gotten so far behind on all my subjects, there was no way that I could graduate with the rest of my class. So, I stayed home and took care of Alex and I’s baby. Alex was able to finish and he just started college. He took a few months off to help me and get things set up to make school easier for the both of us. I was set on graduating though. I may be a little late, but It was going to happen.

I started school again, but it was stressful. I had to relearn a lot of stuff, and a whole bunch of new things, while I was taking care of the baby at the same time. Alex helped out as best he could. The whole times he’s been nothing but supportive, or at least tried too. Now that he just started college, were back to square one. We currently lived in his moms house. There was a pretty large attic that we turned into our own apartment type thing. 

Alex was at school at the moment, I just put Lyric down to sleep. I was attempting to do more work, but I was extremely tired after taking care of everything. I had my laptop out on the bed, typing a report that was due tomorrow at midnight. Everything was just so stressful. I laid back against the bed frame, so I was still upright, but a little more comfortable. It was around 9:30, usually Alex didn't get home until 10:15 since he doesn't live on campus and he had to drive everyday. My eyes slowly shut, no matter how hard I tried to keep them open. I was drifting off, until there was nothing left but black.


“Jack… Jacky” I heard someone say my name. “Jack!” they said, and shook my body lightly, pulling me out of my slumber. I opened my eyes, everything still kind of blurry and dark. I rubbed them, letting them focus on the person that was standing over me. 

“Did you just get home?” I asked. It was Alex. He nodded and pulled off his shirt. 

“The lecture ran late. I tried to leave early, but he wouldn't let me.” I nodded understanding. He kicked off his pants and straddled my hips. Alex lent down pressing a kiss to my lips before rolling onto his back. “Did you get any work done?” he asked me. I really didn't want to be reminded of that.

“No,” I sighed, shaking my head. “I was busy cleaning and making sure that Lyric was feed and changed.” I trailed off, looking at Alex. 

“You know my mom is right down stairs if I'm not here and you’re too overwhelmed.” I nodded. “She said that she would help out with anything that we needed.” I nodded again.

“I know, I know, but this is our baby. I don't wanna put everything on your mom just because I need to clean or do an assignment.” he groaned.

“You’re so stubborn you know that?” he laughed a little and kissed my neck. 

“I know, but…” I stopped. “I don't know. It just doesn't feel right to have your mom look over our baby.”

“It’s not a bad thing to ask for help, ya’know? Just with watching her for a couple hours.” I nodded at him and he rolled off. “Well, off baby and school stuff, do you know what tomorrow is?” He asked me and pulled me so I rolled over and rested my head on his chest. 

“Lex, I don't even know what today is.” I chuckled and yawed. 

“It’s our one year anniversary of us be officially together.” I gave me a weird look and sat up. 

“You remember that?” he nodded and smiled. I gave him a wide grin and kissed him. 

“Yeah. A year since we’ve been together, about eight months since our gorgeous little baby was born. Things get really stressful, but I think that we are doing okay.” he told me and kissed my head. I nodded and re-positioned myself so that I could get more comfortable. We laid there for a couple hours, in a half sleep-half awake state. It was around three am when we heard Lyric’s crying screams from the other room. Alex and I both groaned, I was about to get up before he pushed my shoulder back down. 

“Don't worry, I’ll get her.” he told me and got up from the bed. He came back with the whimpering pink baby in his arms. I smiled as he sat down, cradling her. I smiled, she had gotten so big in a year and Alex was so good with her. My boyfriend bounced her in his arm and softly sang to her. I wasn't really sure what he was singing, but it help Lyric calm down a little. I stayed resting against the pillow, watching Alex interact with her. 

Lyric reached her little arms out, trying to reach Alex’s fringe when he bent over her and blew on her belly. She giggled and kicked her feet, smiling and showing off the few teeth that finally grew in. “Does she need changed or anything?” I asked Alex and he looked at me and back at the squirming eight month old. 

“No, I changed her before I brought her out and she didn't want to eat.” he told me. “She just wanted attention from her dada, don’t you?” Alex asked rhetorically in a baby voice. Lyric yawned after a few minutes of being attacked by the ‘tickle monster.’ “Looks like someone is sleepy now, huh?” Alex said, again in his baby voice. He scooped up the the little bundle and took her back to her room. 

I shoot off my laptop and put it on the nightstand, then getting under the warm covers. I felt the bed dip and Alex’s arm fold around me. I didn't even hear him come out of the other bedroom. “Night,” he told. “love you.” he whispered and kissed the back of my neck. 

“Night, babe, love you, too.” I replied and brought his hand up to kiss it. We rarely got to go to sleep like this. Usually one of us is already asleep. I liked feeling my boyfriend pressed against me and just holding me, it made me think that this whole teenage baby thing was worth it. Without Lyric, there would be no us.

It only took a few short minutes for me to fall asleep. Letting the calming black take over my vision and letting my brain dream up whatever it had in store for me. 

First chapter is always boring. Sorry, don't forget, this is the SEQUEL to “
All We Know (Jalex)” please go read that first. Also, don't forget to vote and let me know what you think c:​​

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