Eyes to the sky

It's not really a story, It's just poems that I write from time to time.


1. Dear Nobody

Wake me up inside

and tell me there’s a reason

a reason to stay alive

a reason to stay and fight

because right in this moment

I can’t think of a reason

to stay and fight

for a little while


As the sun breaks up the clouds

and the rain stops falling down

you tell me something I can’t hear

I have thunder in my ears

my lips are sealed

my eyes are shut

go find a reason and wake me up


The thunder and the bright white sun

mixed in a solemn monotone

take me away

take me north to the sea

I can hear it now;

it’s calling for me


Let me lay in the water

let me drift away

surrounded by thunder

surrounded by rain


Let my eyes drown away

hear my heart as it stops

Darling, my darling

look at the sea

watch it as it swallows me


For you have saved me once again

this time simply by letting me go

the best reason you could find

was an end that was less painful


The sea is cold and blue and wide

salt and stormy and full of life

the solemn monotone I hear

has yet another sound

the sound of the ocean

the thunder and rain

the sound that takes me home again


Right in this moment

I can think of a reason

a reason to fight for a little while

the reason, my dearest

are the waves of the ocean

the thunder

the rain

and the silence in my brain



I hear you are drowning in despair

is it with me your fear lies

or do you fear your own fear?

darling, let me tell you

by letting me go

you have saved me once again

given me what I was hoping for


Go north, my friend

to the sea again

with snowflakes whirling 

around your face

where your breath turns to ice

and your heart turns to stone

you will hear what I hear

the same solemn monotone


The thunder

and the rain

and the silence in your brain

it will help you understand

why this was my end

why I had to let go

why I said goodbye

it was the reason I needed

to stay that little while


And as you turn your back to the world

and tell them all that you don’t care

they will be the next in line

to drown in out sweet despair


Darling, you will find me

in the darkness soft and sweet

I am lying here in silence

waiting for our eyes to meet


But maybe you forgot me

maybe you moved on

watched me as I went out in the sea

watched the ocean swallow me

my darling, tell me, are you there?

will you come and meet me here?


In the cold, blank darkness

down here where the sea goes black

I feel the pain I felt before

the pain I get when I want you back

I left you behind

with no reason to stay

oh, darling, have you gone away?


Have you gone

not to sea, but to heaven?

are you in a better place?

my dearest, please come back to me

I need you here in the deep, cold sea


But maybe I was wrong to say

that you had to come back north someday

And maybe you left me

And maybe you are dead

And maybe it was all in my head.

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