I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


7. vacation

-day before Christmas-

  I grabbed my sweater and packed the bag. I grabbed it and walked downstairs. We put our bags in the car and all got in.    "Yeah! Yay! Family vacation!!" Matthew cheered.  Me and evan laughed a little and smiled. "Ohh berniece you are just going to love Australia" Mrs. peters said. I nodded smiling. "We have been there about four times" Evan smiled. I suddenly got a text from Dylan. "Going to miss you babe. <3 see you after you get bk."   I smiled and texted him back: " okay babe:* ".   I put my phone in my pocket and watched out the window. We finally got to the airport and then got on the plane. I was sitting next to Matthew and Evan. I was in the middle. Evan was falling asleep while Matthew was laughing at everything we said.   EVAN's Pro.   I was on a plane sitting next to my ex girlfriend, while my girlfriend is at home missing me. I felt terrible. Atleast dylan hadn't texted or called Berniece. Something about him bothers me terribly. I watched as Berniece got sleepy. Matthew laughed as she yawned.    She blinked her eyes as though her eyelids were heavy. He the. Laid her head on me and then fell asleep. I didn't move, because that would be rude. Instead I let her sleep on my shoulder.    I grabbed my phone and stuck the earphones in and put them in my ears and fell asleep, leaning my head on the wall of the plane.   I woke up to see Berniece looking out the window, over me. I smiled to see her big smile and look of curiosity. She soon saw that I was awake.  "Oh sorry, I just wanted to see outside a little". "No, go ahead" I smiled yawning. She smiled and continued to look out the window. We turned and saw Matthew was asleep.    "Excited for Christmas?" I asked her. She shook her head as she sat back into her seat. "Why?" I asked. "None of my christmas' were that good". "What about the one we had?". She smiled to herself.     FLASHBACK.   "I don't feel good" Berniece said through the phone. "Comon please come over, all we will do is sit and watch movies all night" I said. "You promise?" She asked. "Yes beautiful" I replied. "Okay I'll be there in ten minutes". I hung up and got the room ready. About ten minuetes later she came over and opened the door and saw the Christmas lights I had hung up. Candles everywhere. The light was off but it was beautiful. I had a little Christmas tree. I had a big bag of mixed chocolates. I had made a comfortable spot in the bed with pillows and blankets. Her eyes watered. We sat and cuddled watching old movies eating chocolates.    At the end of the night I sat down and handed her a box. "No evan. No. I didn't get you anything" she said as she handed it back. "Please just open it" I smiled. She shook her head. "Please" I repeated. She finally opened it and saw the beautiful necklace I had bought her. It said Eric. Eric was her uncle that died the year before. She loved him so much.  Her eyes watered and tears began to fall as she hugged me tightly and kissed me softly. "I love you" she said. "I love you more" I said and kissed her forehead.   She looked at it like it was gold. She handed me it and I helped her put it on.  "Merry Christmas" I said. "Merry Christmas" she smiled.   FLASHBACK ENDED.   "Thank you for that" she said. I nodded. She stood up to leave to go to the restroom. I smiled at the thought of me and her. I missed that. I missed being in love. I missed her. I missed us.
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