I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


4. the cookies

-the next day-

  I grabbed my sweater and pulled it on. It was pretty cold. I began my homework. Finally I finished at six at night. I ate dinner and went back to the room and just sat in my bed and looked at my phone.  I heard a knock. It was Evan, it always was.  "Hey" I said and moved out of his way so he could get whatever he wanted.    He had a plate of cookies. "My mom said these are for you". "Awe thanks" I smiled as he put the plate on the bed. "Still haven't turned it off? He asked. I shook my head as he shut the door. "Just drop your phone and "break" it. The. My mom will buy you a new one" he whispered. I shook my head.  "Why?" He asked.   I stood quiet and he finally realized. "Wait. Your not waiting for them to call are you?" He asked. I stood quiet. "You are!". "So what if I am! I deserve a phone call don't i?" I said upset.   He nodded. "You do".  "They are terrible people" he said. "I know" I replied and threw my phone and it fell into the floor. "It's not going to break on carpet" he said. I laughed.   I took a bite of a cookie and spit it out. "Gross right?' He laughed. I nodded. "Yeah, great mom, great person, great cooker, not such a good baker" he laughed. "How is it salty?" I asked and he laughed.   "We could make better ones" he laughed. I nodded and we sunk into the kitchen. He grabbed the little notecard of directions and we begun. We were not the quietest. We kept laughing at how much noise we were making, which made more noise.    I cookies came out delicious. "Wow, we make a badass cookie" I smiled. He laughed "we sure do". We went back into his room and sat there talking and finishing the cookies. We needed up finally falling asleep at three in the morning.   I woke up exhausted. He smiled "you tired too?". I nodded and ate breakfast.  And as soon as I saw Delia, she rolled her eyes. I guess I lost a friend.
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