I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


2. place to new place

I walked and walked. I wasn't going to school and I had no idea where to go. I decided I would go to school after it was over to see my best friend Denise. Maybe I could stay with her for a while. I waited at the bus station then just walked to the school when it became 2:50. I saw Denise walking. She looked over and saw me. She then got into a car and drove away. 

  Great! I walked over and sat down in the front. Suddenly someone sat by me. "Hey" he said. It was one of my guy friends. "Hey" I said looking down. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I just...have no place to be". "You could stay with me". "Really?". "Yeah of course". "Oh my gosh thank you" I said as I stood up and hugged him.   "I promise I won't stay long!" I said. "It's fine. Stay as long as you want". I smiled big and we got in his car. He drove us to his house. I had been there plenty of times. After he talked to his mom privately, we walked into his room.   "Hungry?" He asked. I nodded and he left out the door. I took my shoes off and took my phone out. I usually don't get home until four so she's must not be suspicious yet. My friend, Justin, came back with a TV dinner. "My mom doesn't cook much" he said.   "It's fine" I nodded and took it.   I ate it and me and Justin just hung out. Finally it was about ten and I decided to take a shower. After I got out I had a towel wrapped around me and I realized I left my bag in the room. So the only solution was to run into the room and grab it fast.    I ran out and grabbed the bag but before I ran back to the restroom justin stopped me. "Wait" he said. "Uhm just wearing a towel here" I said. "Can it wait?" I asked.   "No come" he said. I walked over there slowly. "What?" I asked. "Sit down" he said. I was confused but I slowly sat down.    "Perfect" I said as he leaned in and grabbed the towel from my back and slowly started to pull it down.   "No. Stop" I said as I held it up. "What?" He asked. "Why would you think I would do that?" I asked as I stood up quickly.  "Why else would you want to stay with me?!". "What? Are you stupid?!". "Well even if that's not what we planned, let's do it anyways". "No what the hell". "Then the hell out" he said upset. I nodded with teary eyes and walked to the restroom to put clothes on. I walked out of his room and downstairs. I left his house.   I walked down the street not knowing where to go. I checked my phone. No missed calls or texts from my mother. Or my father.    I just kept walking until I stopped at a little cafe and drank a cup of coffee. I checked the time 4:36 in the morning. I really didn't want to just be a homeless person. But I guess it was better than being home.    It was seven thirty and I kept walking. I finally sat down and drank my water bottle. I walked into this pizza place. I sat down not ordering yet. There was a birthday party going on. I looked over to see the lucky little boy or girl.    Then I saw a little boy with the hat on. He smiled big and hugged his mom and dad. I got up and decided to go order now. I stood in line. Finally I ordered one pizza and was right about to hand him my twenty when it fell. I turned to pick it up and saw Evan's mother. Also known as my ex boyfriend's mother.   "Berniece?" She asked. "Mrs. Peters, hey" I said.   "I haven't talked to you in a while" she said. "Yeah...". "Where are your parents?". "Not here". "Why?". "Excuse me mam" the lady at the counter said.  "Oh" I was about to hand her the money. "No come eat with us , I've missed you" she smiled. "Cancel the order" she told the lady at the counter. "Ummm I don't know is Evan (my ex boyfriend) okay with this?". She nodded "who cares". We walked over, and of course it was her little son that was having the birthday party. Evan's little brother, Matthew. I sat down next to his mother. Thankfully Evan didn't see me.   Then his mother called him over. As soon as he saw me his smile disappeared.  "Look who I found" she said.  He didn't say a word. "Come sit with us" she said. He slowly sat in front of us.    "So where is your mother sweetie?" She asked. "Umm, well I'm kind of on my own" I said. "What?! Why?!" She asked surprised. "I just. I'm not happy home. I just can't live there anymore. Please don't call them and tell them where I am" I said as I stood up ready to leave.   "No I won't, sit sweetie". I sat down again. "Where are you sleeping?" She asked. "So far I haven't slept because hotel rooms are expensive and I need this money for more important things like food and transportation" I replied.   "You have no place to sleep?" She asked surprised. I nodded.  That's when Evan looked at me. And I looked at him and we both knew what his mother was going to say next.   So I had to stop it. "It was fun, I'll see you around" I said as I stood up quickly. "No, sweetie come stay with us". "I can't. I mean, I can't just intrude your house". "We would very much enjoy your company" she said. "I mustn't" I said trying to talk more sefisticated. "Please sweetie" she said. I would've said no but I loved Evan's mom. She was the mom I always wanted but never had.    "Only for a little" I said. She nodded smiling. "Get some pizza and cake" she said smiling big.   Finally we got to their house. "Will it be okay if Berniece slept in your room? And you could sleep in your brothers room with him" his mother asked Evan. Evan was seventeen like me, and I doubt he wanted to share a room with his six year old brother but he agreed.   I slowly walked into his room. I had been there before but it looked much different. I sat on his bed and out my backpack down. "If you need anything just call me" his mother said. I nodded and she left. I got into the covers and fell asleep, because I was exhausted.   
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