I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


3. new girlfriend

I heard my alarm ring in my ear. I jumped up and covered my ears upset. I got up and took a shower and then got dressed and ready. I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door to see Evan standing there with messy hair and he rubbed his eyes.

  "Hey" he yawned. "Hi" I replied. He walked in and looked for his clothes then got into the restroom to take a shower. I got put my shoes on and started my makeup. I looked in the mirror and smiled big. I felt pretty. I haven't felt like this in a while.   Finally Evan came out all ready. He grabbed his shoes and left to his brothers room. Finally we walked downstairs and ate breakfast. Afterward his mom drove us to school. We didn't talk at all. I saw my friend, or used to be friend, Denise. I walked past her and she stopped me.   "Berniece" she said. I turned and saw her looking at me. "Hey" she smiled. I nodded and began to walk away. "Wait" she said. "What?" I asked as I stopped again. "What's wrong?" She asked.    I shook my head and walked away. I turned back to see her roll her eyes and continue her conversation with someone else.   After school I stood and waited out in the front for Mrs. peters to pick me and Evan up.  I sat down and looked at the group of people in front of me laughing. Then a little farther I saw Evan, two other girls, two guys, and Denise talking. Suddenly Denise saw me and ran her fingers through Evan's hair and laughed. I rolled my eyes and looked down at my phone. That didn't bother me. I had no feelings like that towards Evan.   I smiled when I saw his mothers car. We got in and Denise looked upset as she saw us get in the same car. We finally got to the house and I sat in the living room on the couch. Evan grabbed his keys and walked out the door. I laid my head on the couch and fell asleep.    Mrs. Evan's woke me up asking if I wanted dinner. I nodded and got up and walked to the table to see Matthew, Evan, and Denise sitting at the table. Denise smiled as she saw me.   Mrs.Peters looked stunned. "Sweetie who is your friend?" She asked then looked at me. I sat down slowly between Mrs. Peters and Matthew. "This is my girlfriend Denise" Evan answered. And I almost choked on my water.
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