I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


10. merry Christmas


"Wakeup!" Someone shook me. I was exhausted from staying up because of the art last night. I sat up to see Matthew waking me up.

"It's Christmas morning! Presents!!" He said excited. I smiled and shook my head.   He ran over and woke up Evan, who was sleeping on the floor. I could hear him groan. I laughed and walked over to him. I smiled and helped him up. We walked downstairs. Suddenly the big Christmas tree was glowing and there were Christmas lights everywhere looking beautiful. I had never had a Christmas like this before.   "Presents!" His mother said excitedly. I sat a little back so I wouldn't look awkward not getting anything. Austin sat next to me. "This is for you Matthew" she said as she handed him a big box. He got super excited and teared the wrapper on quickly. He smiled big but I couldn't see what it was.    "I love it!" He said excited. It was those movable cars things that you move with a remote. "Here evan" she handed him a medium sized box. He opened the wrapper slowly. "Better keep the suspense" he joked and we laughed. Finally he opened it.   Inside there was another box. He opened it and there was another. It kept going to a little box. He opened it and saw a key. "No" he said excited. His parents nodded. "No way! You guys got me a car!" He said excited.   "Berniece this is for you" she said as she handed me a box.  "You didn't have to get me anything I'm fine" I said.  "No please" she said. I opened it and saw a lot of tissue but nothing was in it. I emptied it and still nothing. I looked at them confused.   "We are turning Mr. Peters computer room into your own room" she smiled big. "No. No that's too much" I replied. "Please take it" she smiled. I nodded and putt the tissue back in the box. "What?! Sweetie I got you a real present!" The grandmother said. She handed me a small box. It had a beautiful braclet. "It's a charm bracelet" she said.    "Thank you I love it so much" I said. "Let me go find that mistletoe" austin said. I laughed hoping it was a joke as he walked away. "Okay there are cookies on the table!" The grandmother said. Matthew ran to the kitchen. Me and Evan laughed. "Thank you" I whispered to him. "For what?". "For an amazing Christmas" I smiled. He nodded and hugged me.
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