I have to get out of this stupid house. I have no where to go. Except one place, my x boyfriends house. And I'm defenitely not getting back with him. All I do is move from place to place. I guess you could call me a runaway.


5. Dylan's house

Finally it was Friday. I grabbed my sweater and threw it on. When we got to school I grabbed my back pack and put it in my locker. I didn't want to carry it around. After school Jacob came up to me. Jacob is a friend, I suppose. He smiled big "haven't talked to you in a while" he said. I nodded and shut my locker after I took my backpack out. 

  "Me and a couple people are Ganna go smoke, wanna come?" He asked. I shook my head. "Comon, you seem stressed". And I was. I took a breath and thought about it. I finally decided to go.   We walked over and got in his car. He drove us to some house. We got off and walked inside. Some people were there talking and smoking.   I walked into the kitchen to see two guys talking. "Hey you got it?" Jacob asked one of the guys. He nodded and handed him a bag. It was full of it. "I'll be back" Jacob said. I nodded and sat down at a table. Some guy sat in front of me.    "Cigarette?" He offered. I shook my head.  He put them in his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He lit his and took a deep inhale.  "So sweetie why are you here?" He asked smiling. "I don't think it's any of your business" I said smiling sarcastically. He smiled and shook his head.  "What?" I asked. "This is my house" he laughed. "Really?" I asked confused. He nodded.    "Who are you here with?" He asked. "Jacob". "Ooh". "Yeah, why do you have potheads at your house?" I asked. He laughed. "My parents are gone...they almost always are". "Why? Where do they go?". "Work...". I nodded. He smiled big and he had dimples. "I'm actually going to have a party should come" he smiled. I shrugged. "Maybe" I smiled. He smiled big.   "Why wouldn't you?" He asked smiling. "Too many crazy potheads" I smiled. He laughed.  "Isn't that why your here?" He asked. "Nah. I'm here to hang up a sign that says say no to drugs" I smiled. He laughed. Then before he could say something else Jacob came back.   "See you later pothead" he said as I walked away. I turned around and laughed. "Who was that?" He asked. "The guys that lives here" I said. "Ohh Dylan" he said. "That's his name?" I asked. He nodded.   "We're Ganna hang with a couple of people outside" he said. I nodded and we walked outside. Then I saw Evan in the group. He looked at me surprised. "Can I talk to you?" He asked as he pulled me away. "What are you doing here?" He asked.   "I can ask the same question?". "What do you think?" He said. "Same here" I said.   After we had a few shots he walked out by himself. I walked over tripping a little. But it was fading away. I saw Evan sitting down looking at the floor. "You okay?" I asked. He was startled but then answered. "Oh nothing". "Don't lie to me. I can tell when your lying" I said. "How?" He asked. "Because you can't look at me the person your lying to" I said. He looked up at me.    "You know me way to well" he said and sat down. I walked over and sat next to him. "Is it your girlfriend?" I asked. He shook his head. "No she's fine. It's just my parents...they have been fighting a lately...I think they are going to separate. I'm scared that they are".   "Don't worry. If they do or don't. You will get through Comon let's go home" I said. I stood up and held his hand and helped him up. He nodded and smiled. 
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