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Hi so this is a movella about movellas, how popular they are,how good they are and of course at the end of the chapter I will rate it. Drop some movellas names down there and I will rate them and review them.

Cover made by pxradise (eat.sleep.fart)


1. the unwanted girl.

Your a good writer but maybe take it slower. To me I feel like this movella is going a little to fast. Not to be mean or anything but besides that, your a really great author I see you have other movellas so I'm gonna read them also. The movella is great so don't worry.



7 / 10

But everyone go read her movella her name is horangirl12348 and make sure to go like and favorite. :) make sure to also go become a fan she's sweet and funny.

( btw congrats on the 99 fans!!)

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