Love through a Screen

I love to play video games. It's kinda my hobby. My name is Mikayla and I meet a friend that was my Xbox 360 friend and his username was cliffocanda, but his real name is Michael Clifford. Which one is easier, I have to ask myself. Cliffocanda or Michael Clifford? I'll just have to figure it out for myself.


4. Is Ashton Okay???

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Michael's POV

"What?!?!?" I shouted into the phone.

"Well, earlier today, he kept complaining about feeling sick. And then when we were at the mall, Ashton just fainted. We took him to the hospital and they told us that he had appendicitis." Luke explained.

"Oh my god. I'm coming right now, okay? Oh! Can Mikayla come?" I asked.

"Sure just come quick!" Luke exclaimed. I came out of the kitchen with a worried expression.

"What's wrong?" Mikayla asked. I'm guessing she can read faces.

"Ashton is in the hospital with appendicitis. I have to go. If you want you can come?" I said and she nodded. We raced out the door and to my car and we drove to the hospital.


Mikayla's POV

When Michael told me that Ashton was in the hospital, my heart stopped. I am so worried. I'm glad that it wasn't as bad as I thought, though. Once we got to the hospital, we ran to the hospital.

"Hello, my name is Michael Clifford. We are here to see Ashton Irwin please." Michael rushed with his words.

"Room 26 down the hall." The lady at the front desk said, pointing towards the room. We ran into the room to see Ashton in a bed, his eyes very tired.

"Oh my god Ashton are you okay???" Michael asked sounding very worried. I can understand that. I'm just as worried, even if I have met him just once.

"Shhhh! He is falling asleep! The doctors said that he will be fine, but he just needs to get a lot of rest." Calum explained. I was so relieved to hear that. Michael is probably much more relieved though. Ashton is like his brother. If I was Michael when he was told that Ashton was in the hospital I would have been terrified.


Ashton's POV

Being in this hospital sucks. The food is horrible, and the nurses keep hitting on me. I bet Calum would have enjoyed that last part, but it sure is annoying. I'm glad that I'll be leaving in two hours. This place is a living hell. In other news, Mikayla is pretty cool. She is really fun to chill with. I'm sure Michael and Mikayla are happy with each other. I was getting sleepier and sleepier until I saw something. I saw like, five zombies eating Harry Potter's face off.

"Okay, I am definitely hallucinating. I need to go to sleep right now." I said to myself. So I did.

Michael's POV

Ashton is finally out of the hospital, and we were all playing truth or dare.

"Okay Luke. It's your turn. Truth or dare?" Mikayla asked Luke.

"Dare, cuz I'm cool like that." Luke crossed his arms and nodded, and we all laughed.

"I dare you to post on Twitter, 'Calum is daddy af' and never delete it." Mikayla dared him and everyone laughed so hard as Calum widened his eyes.

"Oh my god okay let's do this." Luke said as he picked up his phone and started typing.

"Okay, now it's Mikayla's turn." I grinned.

"Dare, cuz I'm cooler than Luke!" Mikayla put her sunglasses on and everyone laughed at how Luke gave her that "copy cat" look.

"Okay, play 5 Nights at Freddy's at night with the light off." I dared Mikayla and she laughed.

"Well, I'm screwed." Mikayla declared as I giggled.

"Crap! The newest trend on Twitter is #Calumisdaddyaf!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!" Luke shouted as we all cracked up at how insanely raged Luke was. I'm glad Mikayla was having so much fun getting to know the guys. I hope they like her! But Mikayla won't be able to survive that last dare! I'll just have to sit with her while she plays it, because if she can't sleep, then she'll make me pay.

Hi lovelies!!! Sorry for the short chapter I'm just really tired and all. Thanks once again for the support on this story! Be sure to check out my others too!!! Alright, bye bye lovelies!

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