Love through a Screen

I love to play video games. It's kinda my hobby. My name is Mikayla and I meet a friend that was my Xbox 360 friend and his username was cliffocanda, but his real name is Michael Clifford. Which one is easier, I have to ask myself. Cliffocanda or Michael Clifford? I'll just have to figure it out for myself.


2. 2

Mikayla's POV

"So this is where we are staying!" He said, showing me his apartment which wasn't great but was still better than my grandma's crumby apartment in Brooklyn. There was a medium size living room, with a Tv, Xbox 360 (I'm in love already) and a about 5 million video games (basically the only thing I love more than this is my mother). "Awesome! Of course, the famously COD: Modern Warfare game. It's funny how one video game could have made me sit at home right now watching Pewdiepie all day" I said in amazement. "Pewdiepie is so histerical! I love his videos!" He said. I gazed at his eyes that looked like a billion stars in the sky and when I realized that he noticed he said "So do you want to get some coffee? And then you can show me all the popular places around!" He exclaimed. "I might as well stay over cuz that would take like, all night. Manhattan is full of popular places. Especially for stuff on a Friday. Which is today." I said sarcastically. "Then why don't you?" He asked. I started to get nervous. Yeah, he is my friend but we just met like 2 hours ago! He gave me a puppy face begging me to stay over and it just killed me. "Okay!" I blurted out. "Um, let me just call my mom and tell her. Okay?" I asked politely. "Okay." He agreed. I went to the bathroom and took out my phone and dialed mom. "Hey sweety! How is your date?" She asked, chuckling. "Haha very funny. Mom, I might not be back tonight. Michael asked me to show him around Manhattan." I said. "Uh, sure, honey. Just promise me that you will be extremely careful." She said. "I promise, mom. You are the best!" I said as I knew she was grinning. "Okay, hun. Be careful and I'll miss you! See ya tomorrow girlfriend!" She said excitedly. "You too, chica!" I said. See? I told you we were like best friends! I walked back to the living room where I saw I'm guessing Luke, Ashton, and Calum. "Oh, hey! These are my pals, Luke, Ashton and Calum." Michael said. "Sup!" Said Luke. "Hey!" Ashton said. "Um, what up?" He said crossing his arm. We all laughed. "Hey guys! Nice to meet you!" I said. "Nice to meet you too! Wanna join us?" Ashton asked politely. "We are plaing NBA 2K 15 because SOMEONE doesn't like FIFA!" Luke said, pretending to be annoyed as Ashton stuck his tongue out at him as Luke did the same. "Sure! Oh and Michael, my mom said it was cool." I said and Michael smiled. "Okay, then we will get coffee after we kick Calum's butt." Michael said. Calum frowned and said "Come on! You can mess with my face but definitely NOT my butt." Calum said. "Yes we would never want to hurt such a pretty little thing." Ashton said sarcastically as we all laughed. I sat down and they tossed me a controller. We finished our game and my team won. "Well, me and Mikayla are gonna go now. Calum, I'll spare your butt just this one time." Michael said as Calum grew a relieved expression on his face. We left and we decided to go to Starbucks.


When we sat down with our cappuccinos on the table, Michael asked "Tell me about yourself." "Well, my sister is a senior in college, and my dad died when I was 11, so basically my mom and I are best friends now that it's just the two of us at home." I explained. "I'm sorry about your dad. But it must be cool to be that close to your mom." He said, trying to cheer me up. "Yeah. I'm a senior in high school and I'm like, average cuz I don't really like to study, this sounds really bad, but i kinda just play video games." I said laughing at myself, thinking about how ridiculous if just made myself sound. "I do that, but I'm in a band, so I obviously have to turn the Xbox off to play guitar. But that's pretty awesome. You know, just playing video games. Does your mom get upset about that though?" He asked. "Sometimes, because like I said, my mom and I are really close. So if I got like, a 72 on my algebra test, she just tell me 'Just please try your best next time' so that's pretty awesome." I explained. "But why are we talking about me? Your in a band! That's pretty cool! I want to hear about how it's like to be famous!" I said enthusiastically. He blushed and said "It is pretty fun, having it be just me and the guys. But sometimes it's hard to let go of family. I try text me mom like, every single day. It's amazing how people say that our music inspires them, even though I don't really believe it. I thought that we just plain sucked." He said, and I laughed. "Are you kidding me? You guys are awesome! I watch you guys on YouTube and you are really cool. And what inspired me a lot is, whenever you made a mistake, you all laughed and kept going. That like, the best way to epically fail." I said, and he chuckled and his face got red. We finished our drinks and thrower them out. "Thanks,lot. Where should we go first?" He asked. "Hmmm, how about we walk to the Central Park Zoo through Central Park? I bet you will have a lot of fun!" I said. "Totally! Um so, Milayla, I was wondering if this can be a you know, um, date?" he said, rubbing his shoulder. I stopped in my tracks. Did he really just ask me out? I thought. I panicked and then said in a smooth way "Uh, yeah, sure! That would be cool!" And he chuckled and smiled. After giving some birds bread crumbs and feeding squirrels acorns, we finally got to the zoo. We were walking when Michael slipped his hand into mine, hoping that I won't mind that we were holding hands. I blushed, and smiled. So did he. We saw a paper taped to the wall that said "Seal Show Times: 5:35 at the center of the park." It was 5:26. "Hey, let's go to see the show!" Michael suggested enthusiastically. I nodded excitedly and left immediately and aced front row seats. A man with a bucket of, anchovies I guess? And a seal swam around in the tank. "My name is Marty, and this is our special friend, Pippy!" He said and everyone clapped for the introduction. "n Now, can I please have a volunteer from the audience for the whole show?" He said and looked around. Michael grabbed my hand and raised it. I elbowed him with my other arm and gave him a death stare. "You there! The young lady in the front!" He said, pointing at me and everyone stared at me. I blushed and Michael started cracking up as I went to the center, I whispered to Michael "You must have a death wish." And his smile grew bigger and his laugh grew louder. When I went to the front, Marty asked me, "What's your name, young lady?" "Mikayla." I said blushing as everyone watched me like a hawk. "Well Mikayla, I am going to command Pippy to do a trick, and after he does, you'll throw an anchovy for him to eat." He instructed me. I nodded and Marty commanded Pippy to to a back flip. Everyone applauded and they all looked at me after. I threw two anchovies at Pippy and he caught and chewed them. Marty then commanded Pippy to say "I love you", so Pippy actually did! Everyone was amazed and clapped. Marty looked at me and lifted two fingers, singling me to throw two anchovies, so I did and Pippy caught those too. "Thank you for coming to the show and I hope you had a good time! Give it up for Pippy and Mikayla!" He said and Pippy surfaced to the water and jumped , and I bowed down. What caught my eye was when I saw Michael whistling really loud and I'm pretty sure he clapped the loudest. I walked up to him and he hugged me and my face got red. "You were amazing. I knew you would do great!" He said. I rubbed my shoulder. "Thanks! Let's keep walking in the Central Park." I said and he nodded. We saw a man making cartoon portraits and we asked if he can paint one for us. "What type of design would you like me to paint for you two?" The painter asked. "Surprise us." Michael said, and the painter nodded. We sat down and smiled for like, ten minutes. "Finished!" The man said and we got up to look. It was us on the moon bouncing and holding hands. We both blushed and Michael payed him $10.

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