You had just moved into an apartment and your new neighbors are One Direction. You're hanging out with Zayn when Liam calls, you don't know what to do.


7. Liam's POV

Liam's POV

I couldn't believe it, I thought Alaska and I had a connection! As I walked out of the apartment a part of me told me "Go tell Zayn!". But I didn't. Harry came after then me asked me, "I'm so sorry Liam...". I told Harry with a fake smile "Gee thanks, that makes me feel so much better!". Harry being the dope he is replied "Wow, you're definitely welcome!". I rolled my eyes at him. "Look honestly, I think you and Alaska would be better together." Harry said happily. I snapped at him "I do too, but that's not life kid.". Harry then frowned at me. We saw Alaska walking on the sidewalk with an unknown person, it wasn't Zayn. She saw us and said "Hey guys! Want to meet my prince charming?". Out of curiosity, Harry and I walked over there. She said "This is Ti, we've been dating for a month now!". Ti said "Hey, you must be Liam and Harry.". Harry and I nodded at him. "Well nice seeing you guys" said Alaska. Ti then said while walking off "Pleasure meeting you guys!", Alaska then hugged Ti's arm and they walked off. Harry said "Well, at least that wasn't Zayn." then smiled. I looked at Harry and smiled. He said "Lets go back to the apartment!". Then we went back.   

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