You had just moved into an apartment and your new neighbors are One Direction. You're hanging out with Zayn when Liam calls, you don't know what to do.


4. Liam's POV

Liam's POV


I was in the hospital room staring at Zayn. He mumbled a bit all of us looked at each other then again at him. His eyes opened slowly, he said "Wha- What happened?". Alaska walked slowly in through the door with a grim expression. She saw Zayn ran to his bed and hugged him. Zayn smiled and looked around the room. He asked us "Why am I here? What happened?". Louis explained to Zayn how he ran in the road and got hit by a mini-van. Then Harry chuckled saying "No wonder". Alaska looked at Harry with a confused face Harry then said "Well didn't ya hear? it was a mini-van since it was a mini-van he didn't die!". We all looked at Harry and he said "Sorry", all of us then laughed. Zayn sat up and the nurse came in, she said "Oh look sleeping beauty is awake". We all laughed again, even Zayn. Niall smiled and said "I'm just so glad he woke up!". We all looked at Niall and nodded. Zayn spent the night at the hospital, the boys drove with me and we headed home. However, Alaska spent the night at the hospital with Zayn.

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