You had just moved into an apartment and your new neighbors are One Direction. You're hanging out with Zayn when Liam calls, you don't know what to do.


6. Alaska's POV

Alaska's POV

After we made it to the apartment building, I helped Zayn to his apartment. Liam and Louis were yelling at each other. When Zayn saw them fighting he went into another room. Louis slapped Liam violently when I went between them and Liam punched me. Louis laughed and said "Liam you're quite the ladies man". Liam helped me up and apologized at least ten times. I asked innocently "Why- Why were you-you guys fight-fighting?". Louis said "Because, Liam said no matter what you're going to be with him.". I looked at Liam disgusted and he said "Well, I thought if you didn't see us yelling, maybe you would, like maybe, I don't know....". I replied "Liam I'm not trying to hurt you but, I really like Zayn....". Harry walked through the doorway with a bowl of cheese nips and said "Oh, Liam I'm sor-" Liam interrupted and said grimily "No, I-I understand... I'm sorry..." and left the apartment. 

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