You had just moved into an apartment and your new neighbors are One Direction. You're hanging out with Zayn when Liam calls, you don't know what to do.


3. Alaska's POV

Alaska's POV


I ran to Liam and saw him in his bedroom in a ball on the bed. I looked at him worried and I said "Liam, are you- are you in love with me?". He said sadly "Yes...". I walked over to him and told him to stand up. He got up and stood in front of me and I hugged him. He pushed me off and I said weakly "Liam?". He told me "You belong with Zayn.... I'm no good, you deserve better.". He walked to the corner of the room and I followed him. I turned him around pulled him closer and kissed him softly. He said awkwardly "Alaska, why- why did you do that?". I told him "because you're amazing.". He blushed then, Louis rushed through the door and said with tears in his eyes "ZAYN!!!!HE WAS HIT BY A CAR HE'S IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!". Liam, Louis and I were out of that apartment in only a few seconds. He drove over to the hospital and visited Zayn. We were in his room I looked at him worried. Harry was in a chair in the corner, he looked up at me then put his face in his hands. I just remembered, my brother was still in the hospital. I said quickly, "Guys I'll be right back". I dashed down the hallway and found my brother's room. I walked in it and on his bed was roses, just roses. There was a note by the roses that read:

Dear Alaska,

I'm afraid to say it but your brother died.

He was waking up and opened his eyes

After ten seconds, he died.



Doctor Wilson.



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