You had just moved into an apartment and your new neighbors are One Direction. You're hanging out with Zayn when Liam calls, you don't know what to do.


1. Alaska's POV

Alaska's POV


I hate my life. My mom and dad just got divorced, my best friend moved, my brother is in the hospital because he was in a car crash, to make things even worse, I had to move to my own apartment building! I was getting ready for bed (What could I say? it was 12:00!), until someone rang on my doorbell. When I answered, a man with black hair smiled at me and said, "I understand you're new here?" "Yes" I said back. He said while grinning, "Hi, I'm Zayn Malik!". I paused for a minute. That name sounded familiar, I stuttered and said awkwardly "Hi, I'm Alaska, I'm just curious, have we met? your name sounds familiar..." He looked at me and said "Well I'm Zayn from One Direction.". I then thought to myself "I don't really like One Direction that much...". I then told him excitedly "Oh yeah!". He looked at me and asked "Want to come over to my apartment?". Overwhelmed with joy I said with my chilliest voice ever, "Sure". As I walked into the apartment, there were four boys staring at me. Zayn introduced me to them, I was pretty awkward until Liam said "Zayn is sh-" he then paused. He looked at me with adoring eyes. He got nervous and said "Zayn are you and her... doofing? I mean, I mean, dating?". He then put his face in his hands then walked out of the room embarrassed. I looked at the boys and said "What was that all about?". Niall looked at me then looked at Zayn, then he looked at me. He said "Zayn she's quite the girl". Before Zayn could say anything Harry said teasingly "You're in love". I told him "Actually I'm seeing someone...".   

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