Your Eyes Are Red My Eyes Are Blue I Don't Know Why But I Think I Love You



4. Would You Say Yes

* Justin was slowly walking up to me and I let him because I've been had this crush on him so I'll let him do whatever he wants with me, and I'm so serious.
     Justin placed his hands on the sides of the bed by my thighs and moving his head towards my ear.*

Justin moved closer and closer to me, he's never been this close to me but I'm not gonna stop him now,Justin reached my ear and whispered 

"I've been thinking and I don't know if you agree with me but I feel something between us and if you don't feel the same way I understand but.......would you go out with me"

Someone kill me, he asked me out oh Lord the tables are turning and boy am I loving fate.

Justin moved away from my ear his chest still dripping with water.
    "Justin you damn retarded if you think I'll go out with you"
Justin's eyes looked straight at me glaring with confusion and suspicion

"So I'm guess-"
I cut him off, ran up to him,he grabbed me by my waist and I knelt my head towards his ear.

"Of course"

We both let go and there was a knock on the door.

"Justin you get dressed and I'll get the door"

I hopped down the stairs,reached the door and opened it

"What took you so long I've been knocking on this door for about 5 minutes and where's Justin"

"Ummm ok first I didn't know you were knocking on the door for that long I'm sorry and second he's getting dress- Popcorn! Popcorn! He's getting popcorn we were gonna watch... Spongebob!"

"omg you think I'm gonna believe that he's seriously making popcorn because you're watching Spongebob niiiice job Tori I'm not stupid"

"Hey here's the popcorn, Oh Chanel nice to see you would you care to join us watching Spongebob"
He sent me a wink and I giggled 

Chanel walking inside and looked at me with a i-know-your-up-to-something look and I gave her a cheesy smile. Me and Justin joined Chanel on the sofa and the puppies ran to Chanel and she started playing with them like she's never seen a animal in her life.

I pulled Justin aside and said 
"Justin that was a cool safe"
"I know" he said acting cool
"anyway can we pretend that were not going out and just act normal I don't want Chanel to know"
he sighed and said "okay"

We joined Chanel back on the sofa and watched spongebob while Chanel was still playing with the dogs.

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