Your Eyes Are Red My Eyes Are Blue I Don't Know Why But I Think I Love You



5. Not Again

We were watching Spongebob and Chanel's mom called.
"Oh hey mom", "yea", "okay love you bye".
"C'mon Tori we gotta get going my mom's making dinner". She said getting up as the Spongbob episode ended.
"Ok and wait what your mom is making dinner, oh lord, Nells pray for me that I don't end up dying" I said smiling and getting up.
"It's not THAT bad c'mon she wants us to be there soon".
"Well damn Nells it's only across the street and its my house".
"I know but I don't wanna be late".
"Don't be such a buzz kill".
"I know what's going on you just wanna spend time with Justin I know you like him Tori but let's just face it your my best friend and he's not now c'mon let's go".
"I'm not going unless Justin joins us for dinner" I said as I looked at Justin.
"Um why not spend time with my neighbors" Justin said shrugging his shoulders sending me a wink.
"Ok ok let's go" Nells said and yes sometimes she can be a pain but she means well.
Me and Justin put the puppies in his room and Delgato stayed with them. Nells was rushing us and said bye to the puppies. We all left Justin's house.
"So exactly who's house is this yours or Chanel?"
Justin said asking me pointing at my house house across the street.
"It's mine" I said looking back at him.
"So Tori, you and Justin are a thing now, your the last person I would think would go out with a sexy, edgy, strong,handsome guy like Justin I never thought I'd see the day" said someone behind us.
 Justin turned as so did me and Nells.
I looked at Justin's face, his expression and actions I haven't seen before and she's never been around but I knew she meant trouble.
"leave us alone Jessica"
"why Justin cuz you don't want me to tell her all the things that you've done and the only reason you want her to be with you, the revenge that you want, all the things you'd wish would vanish from everyone's memory-"
"Can you just shut up and take your slutty ass out of his life you shouldn't care who he's with or why he's with that person, you have no respect and last time I checked he said to leave us alone and if you can't understand English I could translate it in your language" I was angry and I had to stick up for Justin and not only because I like him, I love him, the four letter word I said I wouldn't use no matter what. Well I used it.
"Hahaha your funny just what Justin needs, someone that'll kill him with her annoying voice"
"I don't have time for your ass c'mon Nells, c'mon Justin let's go"
"ha can't stand a good ass whooping"
"because I don't wanna turn to stone" Justin chuckled and kissed me on the cheek, "that was cute babe"
"yea yea let's go before I end up killing this bitch"
Victoria's a badass :3 listen to her defending her boo :')
anyway what did you think, haven't had enough time I know I know I'm a bitch lol can I just strangle Jessica till she dies, oh and its Jessica Jarrell and I have nothing against her I really like her she's a sweet person but I think she's the perfect badass :)


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