Your Eyes Are Red My Eyes Are Blue I Don't Know Why But I Think I Love You



3. I've Been Thinking

    "I didn't really want you to leave just yet...." 

    Justin said that and my heart burst into a million pieces and left me thinking whatever changed him is making me soooo happy

    "Tori I-I-I was wondering if you could........"

   I looked up at him cuz he stopped speaking and he looked at my chest
      "I'm gonna take a shower be right back oh and stay here" he sent me another wink what's up with him today.
      I roamed through the room and decided to be nosey and look through stuff
   The drawer
        I went to it and pulled out the first drawer looked inside and shrieked immediately closing the drawer.

Remember Tori the first drawer is boxer drawer.
     "Tori are you okay I heard Justin call from the bathroom"
     "yea I'm fine Delgato almost licked my feet"
     I heard laughing from in the bathroom then the door of the bathroom opened and Justin came into the bedroom.

he was only wearing his towel on the lower part of his body omg he looks so sexy, you could still see the water droplets from his wet hair glide down his neck making his tattoos look shiny and even more sexy.

"Tori, Tori hey Tori are you okay"
     My cheeks shown a light pink shade of blush.
       "You were just staring at me haha I'm cool with it though"
"Of course you are Bieber and maybe I was looking at you but I was not staring" I said anxiously.

    Justin was slowly walking up to me and I let him because I've been had this crush on him so I'll let him do whatever he wants with me, and I'm so serious.
     Justin placed his hands on the sides of the bed by my thighs and moving his head towards my ear.

Cliffhanger lmao :P

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