Your Eyes Are Red My Eyes Are Blue I Don't Know Why But I Think I Love You



1. Him

Hey my name is Victoria I'm 20, I have golden caramel hair I love to dance I have blue eyes I love listening to music it's the best thing life can bring in my opinion I have amazing friends who care for me, And I've been crushing on the certain boy 

Who's name is Justin I can't even get him out of my mind no matter how much I try he has dirty blonde hair, sparkling hazel eyes, uhhggg I can't stop thinking about him he's just so sexy the thing is he lived across the street from me but we rarely talk I know I might sound weird but I've studied everything about him his face, his movement, his smile, the way he puts his hands through his hair when he gets pissed, when he goes to his pool and all the tattoos he has make him look quite edgy but it's so sexy, the way he talks, seriously everything.....

*All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone playing from my phone* 


C=best friend Chanel


C:"Are you ready"

V:"For what"

C:"To watch Attack Of Victoria Torrez"

V:"ha ha ha very funny no seriously for what"

C:"To go watch Bieber smarty pants"

V:"Already one step ahead of you"

C:"what you mean?"

V:"I'm crossing the street to his house he said he wanted to talk to me and I want you to come with me"

C:"well your lucky I love you because if I didn't you would be alone right now you don't know what he's planning on doing I mean I don't know one guy that you walk by that doesn't stop staring at you until they bump into some pole"

V:"wow nice story ok hurry up"

C:"ok ok I'll be there in a while"

V:"ok bye"

Chanel came around the corner and pointed to his 2nd floor window I looked up and saw him looking at me and he smiled - wait he smiled omgomgomgomg - he left the window and while me and Chanel were crossing the street on knocked on the door with Chanel behind me Justin opened the door and he saw me looking at him-

I mean no duh who wouldn't look at his toned abs peeking through his white tank top, with his hair a little more scruffed up than usual, his pants sagging about 3 inches below his Calvin Klein underwear- 

He saw me checking him out and he winked. My cheeks turned a light shade of pink and I just remembered I was still outside the door and me feeling like a stupid ass walked myself inside the house and Justin lightly patting my back while pushing me foward before closing the front door.

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