Your Eyes Are Red My Eyes Are Blue I Don't Know Why But I Think I Love You



2. At His House

Justin closed the door and followed behind me and Chanel telling us to take a seat on the sofa.

        Chanel looked at me when she saw Justin put a hand on my shoulder guiding me to the sofa and I gave Chanel a cheeky smile, she only laughed. Her phone started ringing and after like 2 minutes she said "Sorry Tori I gotta go my brother's trying to feed the dog paper", she gave me a hug and Justin a smile and waved bye.
         She left me alone with my crush I couldn't ever forgive her even if she had to go she could've taken me with her I mean she left me alone! I get these annoying butterflies but I know it's because I really like Justin but I think I'll kill myself before I tell him.

        "So Tori now that we're alooooooone" Why was he saying "alone" like that I mean I like him and all but he's confusing me

       "I was actually hoping your friend would leave so I could get you alone" he said
        "Well you got me alone now" and he just sent my a wink and grabbed me hand running upstairs
    He lead me to the room that he was in when me and Chanel were on our way over

       "Shhhhhh......" He said sending he another wink
  wtf I was the one that liked him and this is just getting weird we don't usually talk often but when we do he never really acknowledged me but I'm starting to like this
    He opened the door and we both went in he quietly took off his shoes while heading to one of the closets, he opened the closet door and 3 puppies ran out and started jumping at my feet. one actually started nibbling on my nude pumps! So I told Justin "that's why you took of your shoes but you didn't warn me oh ok I'm not talking to you" I mentally died when he came up to me and lifted me up laying me on his king sized bed and he said "I know you like me Tori...." 

    There was a dead silence while we stared at each other waiting for an answer until the puppies jumped on the bed and one of they was scratching Justin's tank top I started laughing and the dog fell from Justin's shirt onto his pants, I took the dog off of Justin and my nails made scratching noises while I was taking the dog off of Justin and Justin sent me a glare full of lust

   He's never looked at me that way  it he looks even sexier, I just want that puppy to scratch his shirt off I technically rubbed my nails against his baby maker

   I looked at Justin while he was slowly inching closer to me until his lips were at least an inch away from mine...
           His lips brushed against mine, he kissed me holding the side of my face gently with his hand
         We both pulled away and Justin was messing with his shirt fixing it since the puppy scratched the crap out of it, Justin smiled and said "I enjoyed your cherry chapstick" sending me wink
        I rolled my eyes and Justin said "I actually was gonna ask you if you would take care of the puppies while I have Delgato 

         Yes he named the mother of the puppies Delgato
"you mean as in me keeping them?" I said a little anxious
"yea" was all he said
   "sure I would love to and there so cute I thought you were gonna ask me something else though" I said slowly looking down and lowering my voice by the end of my sentence

   I know we just kissed but I thought he was gonna ask me to stay with him a little longer or watch some movie or some shit but no

  "ok bye Justin" I said a little coldly 
   "I actually didn't want you to leave just yet...."

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