Here's To Nothing

"Just coz I have a thing thing for you doesn't mean-" he cut me off with his lips.
"I knew you'd kiss back!" He says to me.
"You must know me then!" I lean in to kiss him and he pulls away
"I hate you!"
"Love you too babe!" What just happened?


9. Sorry doesn't fix everything

Madi's POV

I can't believe he said he loves me! This just ruins the plan! I can't believe him! Ugh! Now I have to worry about him also!

"Babe?" Luke asked. At this point I was crying and punching and kicking the wall. I put a couple wholes in the wall. Yah, I used to box. But now I'm in a girl group. So yah.


"What happened?!"

"Calum, he said he loves me!"

"Oh yah, I knew about that."



"Sorry doesn't dix everything Lucas!" And with that, I went to Michael's house.

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