Here's To Nothing

"Just coz I have a thing thing for you doesn't mean-" he cut me off with his lips.
"I knew you'd kiss back!" He says to me.
"You must know me then!" I lean in to kiss him and he pulls away
"I hate you!"
"Love you too babe!" What just happened?


15. "No, now!"

Madi's POV

The next night I've been having terrible nightmares about me and Ash. I've been waking up screaming every night, and it's been 2 weeks since I've seen him! And my phone rang.

(M-Madi A-Ash)

M-why are you calling?

A-I love you! And I'm so sorry! It's been killing me. I should have never done that!


A-so you'll give me another chance?

M-yah why not

A-I'm coming to get you, I'll be over in 15!


I can't believe I decided to go on another date with him! I'm so stupid! I don't know what it is about him! He makes me feel alive, weird I know. But he is the reason fort scars. Yah I've been cutting again. But, I can't help it! It's my way of escaping the world! Go ahead, hate me for it, I don't care anymore!


I decided to get ready. I did my make up. Put of a floral crop top and black high-waisted shorts. Classy right?! And right when I finished I heard my door bell ring.


"You look beautiful!" He said admiring my body. "Why?" He asked referring to my cuts

"A person made me do it." I said receding to him.


"Not you!" I lied

"Then who?"


"I'll kick is ass for this!"

"Not now, later." I said seductively, as I bit my lip.

"Wow!" He said. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, supporting my butt. He started kissing my neck, probably leaving red marks all over.

"Not now, later." I said again,

"Damn, you turn me on!" As he said that I blushed. "Damn! I want you so bad!"

"Later." I said teasing him.

"No now!"

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