Here's To Nothing

"Just coz I have a thing thing for you doesn't mean-" he cut me off with his lips.
"I knew you'd kiss back!" He says to me.
"You must know me then!" I lean in to kiss him and he pulls away
"I hate you!"
"Love you too babe!" What just happened?


1. love you?

Madi's POV

BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm went off.

Ugh! I moaned to myself as I rolled out of bed, "Why do I have to get up this early every morning?!" I whispered to the beautiful man next to me

"I don't know babe" Luke says to me

"You know I love you right?" I ask him

"How could I forget!" I leant in to kiss him. Best kiss ever! I love him so much! But, at the same time I love Ashton! But he was dating someone else! I went into the bathroom and turned on my curling wand.

"OW!" I let out a cry out pain as Luke came running in

"What is it babe?"

"I just burnt myself... Again!" He laughed at me as he kissed me on the cheek


"Do you have a thing for Ash?" He asks out of nowhere

"Why would you ask that?! You know I love you!"

"I don't know every time we go to see him you get all pretty like and I know you love me I was just wondering," he says as he drops his head in sorrow

"Babe, I love you so much! But at times I do wonder what it would be like if Ash and I were a thing but then it always come out with me cheating on him with you! So don't feel bad because I love you and I don't want to loose you! Ok?" He didn't say anything all he did was kiss me on my forehead.

"Love you" I said hoping to get something back from him. But nope he just smiles a sad smile.

I put my arm around him and just put on a happy face. A couple fans spotted us so we had to stop with all the coupley stuff since management didn't want us together but they wanted Ash and I to be together and Luke wasn't happy about that. And I don't blame him. I would be too. But it would be nice to date Ashton Irwin

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