Here's To Nothing

"Just coz I have a thing thing for you doesn't mean-" he cut me off with his lips.
"I knew you'd kiss back!" He says to me.
"You must know me then!" I lean in to kiss him and he pulls away
"I hate you!"
"Love you too babe!" What just happened?


16. He's one of the reasons why you're cutting

Madi's POV


After that make out session I had with Ash, he had to go to practice, and he offered me to come along, and I said yes. I'm not going to pass up a chance to see Luke ever! 

You're probably thinking, Why does she want to see him?! He's one of the reasons why she's cutting! Yah, but Ash is another reason, and I'm dating him. WOW! I'm stupid! I'm dating a guy that I cut over, and I going to go see the other guy!

Sorry guys! This one is a filler!!!

Love ya


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