Here's To Nothing

"Just coz I have a thing thing for you doesn't mean-" he cut me off with his lips.
"I knew you'd kiss back!" He says to me.
"You must know me then!" I lean in to kiss him and he pulls away
"I hate you!"
"Love you too babe!" What just happened?


19. Don't you dare!

Madi's POV


After Luke and Ash got in a fight, Luke was told to leave. 

"If you are going to cause this much drama for the band. I'm going to ask you to be just my sister! Not one of the lads girlfriends. Okay?" Michael said to me. I was crying, punching, and kicking. I hate him for this. He's forcing me to break up with the one I love! I thought Ash was just a rebound, but he's more than that to me. I'd never cheat, use, or do anything to hurt him. I love him to much! 

"Don't you dare tell me what to do!"

"I'm your older brother!"

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

"When mum died she told me to watch over you." I hate it when he brings up mum whenever we fight. It's just not fair! I don't see why he has the need to make me feels worse about myself. She died of a cancer that was formed from me when I was in her. So, whenever he brings it up, I feel like it's my fault. 

"You know how I feel, when you bring her up!" I yelled. And I felt a sharp sting on my cheek. Did he just hit me?! "YOU DIN"T JUST DO WHAT I THINK YOU DID!"

"OH, BUT SWEETIE, I DID." His eyes turned black. It's scaring me. 

"Why are your eyes black?!" I freaking out! I've never seen him get like this! It's scary af! 

"My eyes aren't black! My soul is!"

"Why are you acting like this?! To impress your friends?! If you are you can drop the act, before I call the cops on your ass!" 

"You wouldn't dare!" I can tell he is pissed! But I love playing this game. I pulled out my phone, dialed 911, and pressed call. 


"Hello, 911. What's your emergency?"

"Yes. Hi. My brother, he just hit me."

"What's your name sweetie?"

"Madison Kaylei Clifford."

"Where are you?'

"2935 Sydney Street."

"Okay. We are on the way."

"Thank you!"

"No problem."


"Ash!" I screamed running downstairs looking for him. 


"Michael. He hit me."


"Look!" His face turned red with fury and his eyes turned black. What up with people and black eyes? "Ash. Don't worry babe. I called the cops and they are on the way." 


"The fact that you just said that. Killed me inside. You care more about your band then me?!" And that was the last I said to Ashton Fletcher Irwin. 

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