Will you always love me? (An ashton irwin fanfic)

Michelle cazares (that's me) has had a huge crush on Ashton for a long time. She even thinks about him at school!
But then, at a party, she finally meets Ashton in the game of spin the bottle.
And now, it's time to see her dream come true.


2. the party

As I left my mother's car, after she kissed me goodbye, I got to the party as quick as I can, I looked around, the party looked awesome, my friends came and danced with me, and then they told me this, "Michelle! We got a surprise for you!"

"You do?"

"Yeah! Close your eyes."

I closed my eyes as they lead me the way,

I thought to myself, what could the surprise be? Is it something great? Or is it just a sick joke?

As they stopped, they said, "ok Michelle, open your eyes." I opened them widely, I realized I'm not dreaming this time.

I see a boy with a short curly hair, beautiful grayish blue eyes, with black nail polish in his ring finger.

Oh my god, I can't believe it, it's actually him, my dream boy, from 5sos, it's… it's… it's Ashton Irwin

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