Will you always love me? (An ashton irwin fanfic)

Michelle cazares (that's me) has had a huge crush on Ashton for a long time. She even thinks about him at school!
But then, at a party, she finally meets Ashton in the game of spin the bottle.
And now, it's time to see her dream come true.


3. spin the bottle

Ashton sat at the game of spin the bottle, my friends told me, "what are you waiting for? Go! Go to him!" Finally, it's my chance, I looked at him, it's actually him, as usual, I don't talk, someone spins the bottle, and then, they point at the two people who get to kiss, I hope no one kisses Ashton.

finally when Ashton spins the bottle for the first time, the bottle keeps spinning and spinning, and then, it pointed at……………………………… me.

"Ooooooooooooooh!" All the girls said, I blushed, like the red apple that grew from the tree, "Ashton has to kiss Michelle! The most weirdest girl in school!" Ashton pushed the girl who said that and says, "hey! Leave her alone! At least she's prettier than you!" I smiled brightly, he took my hand, I can't take it any longer, so I held him close and I kissed him, I touched his face, I noticed his eyes were open, but then he closed them, so he can enjoy it.

I feel……… I feel……… my heart beat like a drum, and……… it's magical.

I kissed the guy of my dreams.

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