Will you always love me? (An ashton irwin fanfic)

Michelle cazares (that's me) has had a huge crush on Ashton for a long time. She even thinks about him at school!
But then, at a party, she finally meets Ashton in the game of spin the bottle.
And now, it's time to see her dream come true.


5. heading home part 2

"Wow. So that's why everyone thinks you're weird." "Yeah, and I thought you'd go for beautiful girls." I looked at the pretty girls that looked like models, and said, "hey." And I looked at him and said, "you're beautiful." I smiled brightly, he touched my hair and said, "never doubt yourself darlin, cause I love you. And you'll always be my girl. It'll be ok." "Ok." "Ok." "Ok." "Perhaps 'ok' will be our forever. Cause everyone used 'forever'." "Ok."

I kissed his lips and got off the car, and bite my lip and thought, our always. And I finally found my true love.

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