Will you always love me? (An ashton irwin fanfic)

Michelle cazares (that's me) has had a huge crush on Ashton for a long time. She even thinks about him at school!
But then, at a party, she finally meets Ashton in the game of spin the bottle.
And now, it's time to see her dream come true.


1. school girl crush


"Ms. Cazares! Wake up!" Said my teacher, ms. Fernandez, oh boy, I slept in class, and oh no, ms Fernandez, once again, slapped her ruler on my desk to wake me up.

As obvious, I dream about 5 seconds of summer's Ashton Irwin marrying me. I start reading chapter 6 on my history book, reading about Augustus Caesar, who reminded me of Augustus waters from the fault in our stars, boy, I need to focus more often.

As the teacher dismissed us, we headed to lunch, I put on my chemical romance's "teenagers" from their welcome to the black parade, and since today is Friday, we get out early, so I got excited about my friend's party. I looked at my wallpaper on my phone, it's a photoshop of Ashton kissing my cheeks, I wish I'd meet ashy washy, I wish I'd be his girl.

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