Cat Boy m.c

Snook into a science lab and almost killed the love of her life.


1. chapter 1

"We shouldn't be doing this Mikey." Grace whispered, walking around the science lab they snook into, just to get a 'special ingrdient', as Michael called it, something about cats. She sighed seeing a fridge in the corner, walking over to it, and opening it up. she saw a root-beer bottle and opened it up, sniffing it. It smelled like soda, she shrugged and saw there was only one, she handed it to Michael, and watched him chug some down before he dropped the bottle, watching it shatter as his eyes went wide and he dropped next to the glass. She flipped shit, not knowing what to do. "Michael? Wake up! Michael!" Grace screamed, as the alarms sounded, she knew she had to run but Michael wasn't waking up. she couldn't just leave him, but she did, and she ran, and ran.

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