Ella's confusing but good life

when a girl named Ella finds the love of her life (Louis Tomlinson) she realizes her best friend,Vanessa is dating him also.


4. The secret

When I woke up and went to school I put my things in my locker. Then I had to do all the same school things I do everyday you know, English class,Spanish class,math,history,science ,     social studies,basically every class a Highschooler takes.After school I went to the mall when all of a sudden I saw Louis with a girl and that girl was VANESSA!!! How could she do this to me she knows how much i like Louis! So I walked into the small village shop and yelled to Louis "hey! why are you cheating on me with my best friend" and I yelled to Vanessa, "and why are you okay with him cheating on me,your best friend?" I ran out of the shop with tears in my eyes.Louis ran behind me yelling my name.I quickly turned around and said "how long have you been cheating on me because we have been dating for two weeks now." Louis replied with one of the worst things to say"about a week"   I ran to my car and drove off! I felt as upset as a little girl that got bit by a Black Widow.


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