Ella's confusing but good life

when a girl named Ella finds the love of her life (Louis Tomlinson) she realizes her best friend,Vanessa is dating him also.


2. The question

As I walked in my class, a bunch of people were staring at me and talking about me behind my back.But there was only one person that was NOT that was not staring at me rudely and talking about me behind my back,and that was Louis Tomlinson, A.K.A  the coolest kid in school! He gave me a smile. Soon when I went to my locker I realized we had to share lockers so I stayed and waited for my partner to see who they were.Soon enough I would come to my surprise that it was Louis!!! He gave me a note and ran off to the cafeteria.I slowly and nervously opened the note and read it the note read, Dear new girl, I would like to get to know you.Meet me in the cafeteria at 12:00. Sincerely, Louis Tomlinson. So I did and we talked for about an hour.At least he is a nice person and now he knows that my name is Ella and we have each others phone numbers,And guess what! He asked me out on a date!!! I made a best friend at my old school named Vanessa and she practically begged her mom to transfer to my school,Britain Elementary.So now i have two friends.


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