Ella's confusing but good life

when a girl named Ella finds the love of her life (Louis Tomlinson) she realizes her best friend,Vanessa is dating him also.


7. My party!

Now that my dad was here I just had to wait for Louis and Vanessa.Once they showed up we started my small party.It was great!!! First they all sang happy birthday to me.Next,Louis started dancing when my dad turned on The wheels on the bus.LOL. Then, I opened my presents .Louis got me a ticket to a movie I really wanted to see called, Dolphin Tale 2.Even though its already out."I'm supposed to go to this movie all by myself?" I asked Louis. Louis pulled a second ticket out of his pocket and said to me,"You think I would ever let you?". My dad gave me a ticket to go see Louis's band,One Direction.Then slowly pulled another one for him to come see it with me out of his pocket.So now I had a movie to see with Louis and a concert to go with my dad to!Vanessa gave me a new phone,which I really needed.And lastly,my mom got me a brand new car!!! The last thing I did was eat my cake.Louis helped me blow out the candles.I had a great party.


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