Ella's confusing but good life

when a girl named Ella finds the love of her life (Louis Tomlinson) she realizes her best friend,Vanessa is dating him also.


5. Depressed And Annoyed

As soon as I got out of my car I ran upstairs to my room.I heard knocking on the front door so i told my mom to get the door. she did.My mom came back upstairs and knocked on my bedroom door.She said it was a guy named Louis  and that she brought him upstairs.She also said he wanted to talk to me. I slowly opened my door a little crack and peeked through it.I let him in.He wiped the tears off my face.And apoligized I said "I'm sorry but you have to give me time to think" A few minutes later Louis left.The next day I remember getting abunch of texts from Louis . they all read "Ella please be my girlfriend" I was depressed because my best friend dated my boyfriend behind my back,and at the same time I was really annoyed because Louis kept texting me the same thing over and over. I wish my dad was home from the army,then he would be able to help me because I don't know what boys want i'm a girl.


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