Finding Him

Meghan is more than nervous starting her first day as a flight attendant. Especially given she's had a fear of flying since she was young. But what she doesn't realize is that it won't be the flying that turns her stomach in knots and gets her all hot and bothered.


1. A Smooth Flight

Irony. I used to never understand the definition of irony, but now that It's my first day working as a flight attendant for USS airlines my life is nothing but ironic. you see, I've been afraid of flying pretty much my entire life. Ever since I was 9 years old and had a panic attack on the flight to disney, I vowed never to step foot on a plane again. So why the hell am I working as a flight attendant? Well, I'm not 9 years old anymore; I'm 19 actually and tough times call for tough measures. My best friend Rebecca who's two years older than me has worked for USS airlines for over a year now and she's always telling me how the pay is great and the people are really nice and that sometimes they even get to meet celebrities. But the most "famous" person she's ever met was the owner of a chain of car dealerships throughout New England. The only reason anyone even recognized him was because he's been in so many cheesy commercials that it's kind of hard to forget him. But anyway I was in desperate need of a job and USS had an opening. Somehow Rebecca convinced me to send in my application, and if we're being honest I think she rigged it somehow because I have absolutely no experience in the field and I'm certainly not the most qualified. So here I am now on this cold misty September morning ready to start my new line of work. The moment I walked in I felt a sudden jolt of anxiety. I had been here for the past week doing interviews and taking tests, but today was the day I was scheduled to fly. Nervous isn't even a strong enough word to express the intense feeling that was overtaking me at that moment. Somehow I managed to keep calm enough to grab my morning cup of coffee and greet my boss like nothing was wrong. I walked onto the plane about 15 minutes before the other flight attendant. I just wanted to get a feel for the atmosphere and try to calm my nerves.

Precisely at 9:00am flight 2233 took off. I was doing surprisingly well for myself, or what I had expected for myself. I was doing so well it was almost effortless. Almost. Until my heart stopped beating and I thought I was dead because I laid eyes on the most beautiful human being I had ever seen and I thought it was in heaven. He was tall and blonde. he had kind of an edgy look: band

t-shirt and skinny jeans. Damn he looked good in those jeans. Lucky for me I could nonchalantly stare all I wanted because this stud was fast asleep. He had almost an an angelic glow to him. He looked like something you would see in a magazine. I don't believe in "love at first sight" or any of that crap, but what I did know right then and there was that I was incredibly attracted to this boy and wanted everything to do with him. I think my emotions took over and I began to be a bit obvious because a few seconds later my co worker Anna came up to me and said,

"see there's some perks to this job. He's some pretty great eye candy I agree, but don't get too attached. The only reason he's not up in first class is because we were overbooked and he graciously volunteered to bump down so that he and his band could get to New York on time."

Anna was about 35 and she was pretty chill, I liked her a lot. She knew I was nervous and she was trying to help me get though this first flight as flawlessly as possible. But Anna should've known better than to tell me to back off. If she knew anything about me and guys I tended to get what I wanted. After all New York is less than a 4 hour drive from Boston. I think I just made weekend plans.

"yeah totally, but do you know his name?" I said trying to sound convincing although I don't think she was convinced.

"Luke. But Allie I'm warning you, this one isn't worth the pursuit"

Just as flight 2233 landed at JFK airport in New York sleeping beauty woke up. I was standing just a few seats over when he said in a tired raspy voice

"what time is it?"

"3:34" I answered

"Thanks" he said yawning as he stretched his long legs.

Luke then stood up, grabbed his things from the overhead and took out his phone. I felt my chance slipping away. I had to say something. I had to make conversation. My brain kept coming up with things to say but my particularly self conscious self kept shooting them down. I thought about complimenting him on his green day shirt, but then I would only get a simple thanks. I was going to ask if he needed any help, but I'm pretty sure he's perfectly capable of getting off a plane by himself. As I was standing there motionless trying to configure some sort of potential dialogue I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a girl, maybe 11 or 12 years old with an "unaccompanied minor" necklace on.

"Can I ask him for an autograph?!"

She said with a smile so big it didn't seem to fit on her face. Her big brown eyes darted in Luke's direction.

"Him?" I asked gesturing over to Luke.

"Yes, Luke. He's only my favorite member of 5sos. I totally love him and it would be a dream come true"

It took me a second to make the mental leap. But once I did I wanted to shoot myself in the foot. Did I actually just spend an hour on a plane with Luke Hemmings from five seconds of summer and not even know it.

Just a few minutes after the girl had gotten her autograph and took a selfie I walked over to Luke.

"wow I can't believe I didn't notice I was in the presence of such a celebrity"

"haha yeah I mean it's nice when I can feel like a normal person once in a while, but the fans are absolutely amazing." He replied in his adorably sexy Australian accent.

"yeah I bet, well you better be going if you want to catch up with the rest of the boys"

I regretted saying that .3 seconds after if came out. Did I actually just tell him he should leave.

"yeah you're right, but hey what's your name I'd love to mention what a uhm helpful flight attendant you were..if that's even a thing" he said with the cutest grin on his face.

"I'm Allie, and I really don't think that's a thing but I'm glad I could help."

"Okay well yeah I didn't think it was a thing either, if we're being honest here I just wanted to get your name and how about your number?"

At first I thought I misheard him. I thought I was delusional because on no planet in the entire galaxy would I deem myself presentable enough to be approached by someone fucking perfect. This felt like someone just ran up to me and gave me $6,000,000. It felt like I had just been struck by the lighting bolt of good luck. I was beyond thrilled and my feels were all over the place.

"wow I mean you could've just asked, I'd like to think I seem approachable" I said because I honestly didn't know what else to say.

"see that's the thing you're incredibly approachable and you're incredibly beautiful and I wanted to approach you before the next lucky guy"

This kid was the biggest flirt. And it was honestly turning me on so much. I gave him my number and we exchanged a flirtatious goodbye as he ran along to catch up with the rest of the band.

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