His Secret Lover

Being his secret lover was not what I had in mind but once it started, I found it really hard to stop...


2. Late Night Fun

I'm sitting on the couch next to Luke with my legs on his lap. Calum is sitting on the other side of him while Ashton and Michael are sitting across the room on the other couch. The boys are playing Fifa, well except Ashton since he doesn't like it very much. Right now Calum and Michael are going at it and Luke is just watching them. Ashton and I were on our phones at the moment. I start taking selfies because I'm bored. I make a collage and post it on my Instagram.

ryleighmae: Got bored watching @5sos play fifa #selfies


I got a notification from Ashton telling me he hearted the picture I just posted. I scroll through the other pictures people posted today. I see a selfie of Ashton that he posted himself. I leave a comment on the picture saying, "Ash stop being cuter than me its not fair! :(" I hear Ashton's famous laugh from his spot on the couch then a second later, my phone makes a noise. Ashton left a comment back to me, saying "Sorry Ry but I'm just sexy can't help it :)" I make a sad face and look over at Ashton.

"Meanie," I say to him. He giggles, which makes me smile because how can you not. His giggle is super adorable. Suddenly my phone makes the noise telling me I got a text message.

Lukey<3: You look so hot right now

I look up at Luke to see him looking down at his phone. I quickly type a reply to him saying, "Um thanks..." Within a second, I got a reply.

Lukey<3: Seriously Ry you do and its making me want you right now

My eyes widen at those words. I reply back to him, "Not right now Luke" and he replies back fast.

Lukey<3: No I need you now

I lean over to whisper into Luke's ear.

"After everyone is asleep," I whisper quietly in my low seductive voice that he loves. I hear him growl deep but it wasn't loud enough for anyone but me to hear. Suddenly my phone starts playing "English Love Affair" which is my ringtone. I lean away from Luke and answer the phone call.

"Hello," I say in a chirpy voice.

"Stop being all secretive with Lucas!" I hear Michael's voice shout through my phone and from across the room. I look over at Michael and wink at him.

"You just wish it was you Mickey," I say flirtatiously. He only lets me call him Mickey because I'm the only one that thought to call him that except that time the radio station called him that.

"Oh yeah totally Ry," He says, rolling his eyes. I laugh and shake my head at him. I pull my phone away from my ear and press the end button on the screen. Michael's jaw drops when I do that.

"You hung up on me! How rude!" He says, acting hurt. I blow him a kiss. I laugh when he pretends to catch it and puts it to his mouth. I feel Luke getting tense and I hear him mumble under his breath. He doesn't like when I flirt with other guys, especially his bandmates. I do it because it makes him jealous, like really jealous. Its my way of letting him know that I'm not tied down to only him because we have an arrangement, a deal that we made back when we were only 13 years old. The deal was to be each other's first with everything. Kissing, cuddling, and anything sexual. So we shared our first kiss with each other. He was my first cuddle buddy and still is to this day the only guy I've ever cuddled with. When we were 16 years old, we started doing the sexual stuff with each other. We began slowly starting with first base then second the third. It wasn't 'til we were 17 years old that we finally lost our virginity to each other. After that happened, Luke loved it and wanted more so I gave him more. It got to the point where we would sneak off together almost twice a day to have sex without anyone knowing about it. Liz would kill us if she knew what Luke and I were doing. She's both very hardcore about Luke staying a virgin so he pretends that he still is so she's not suspicious of anything. My mum already knows I'm not a virgin anymore because she found the evidence in my room one day. I confessed to it but I didn't tell her who the boy was that I had sex with because she would tell Liz and Liz would kill Luke and hate me forever. I don't want Liz to hate me because she's like a second mum to me. So that's why Luke and I made an arrangement to never tell anyone about it and to only do it when no one is around to catch us. So 5sos's management doesn't know. Even his bandmates don't know. And that's the way we plan to keep it. Being his secret lover was not what I had in mind but once it started, I found it really hard to stop...




*Later That Night*


Its now 2am and everyone is asleep. I sneak out of my room and tip toe my way over to Luke's room. I open the door and close the door quietly. I see Luke sitting on his bed with his phone in hand, wearing only his Ninja Turtle boxers. I'm wearing a tank top and boy shorts so I can't say anything. He smiles at me and stands up from his bed, putting his phone down on the nightstand. He walks over to me and pull me close to him so that every part of my body was pressed up against every part of his body. He wraps one arm around my waist while he uses his free hand to tuck my hair behind my ear. He leans down and rests his forehead against mine, his hand still on my face.

"You don't know how hard it was for me to contain myself today," He tells me in a low voice, his breath hitting my lips. I open my mouth to say something but Luke doesn't let me. He presses his lips to mine and the hand that was on my face dropped to my waist. I kiss him back, lifting my hands up to his face and resting them there. As the kiss gets more heated, my hands move to the back of his head and get tangled in his hair. I moan into his mouth when his tugs at the ends of my long hair. He presses me closer to him then he bites my bottom lip, tugging at it. I gasp and he takes advantage of that by slipping his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battle for dominance and he wins eventually like he always does. He moves his hands from my waist down to my butt, squeezing it a little (I have a big butt for a skinny white girl) then he proceeds to move his hands to my thighs. He taps them indicating that he wants me to jump. I do as he wants and he holds onto me by my thighs as I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me over to his bed and leans down, using one hand to steady himself while the other is still holding onto me. I feel my back hit the bed and Luke keeps are lips connected as he slowly starts to grind our hips together. I moan onto his mouth making him stop. He brings his hands to the hem of my tank top and pulls it up. He breaks our kiss to pull my tank top all the way off. I'm not wearing a bra so my breast were free for him to look at, which he did. He attaches his lips to mine again and brings one hand up to my breasts, messaging them while the other hand is holding him up so his weight isn't on me. I moan into his mouth and tug at his hair, which makes him moan. He stops messaging my breast and breaks the kiss again. He gets on his knees and hooks his fingers on either side of my boy shorts. He slowly slides them of of me and throws them behind him then he pulls his boxers down and kicks them off. He leans back down to kiss me again before positioning himself at my entrance. He looks into my eyes for permission and when I nod my head, he slowly thrusts into me. I bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming out. He continues to thrust slowly and I match his rhythm. He started thrusting faster and harder. I almost scream out but Luke attaches his lips to mine to muffle any noises I was about to make. I feel my stomach clench and I drag my nails down Luke's back, which makes him moan. I finally reach my climax and a second later so does he. He continues to thrust into me, riding out our orgasms. He finally collapses on top of me then he rolls over so that he's laying next to me. He pulls my upper half on top of him and wraps his arms around me. Our legs are intertwined.

"Ryleigh you are the best friend I've ever had," Luke whispers to me. I smile at him even though it hurts. I've loved him since the day we shared our first kiss. I mean I've always loved him but I fell for him that day of our first kiss. He doesn't know I never plan on telling him because it might ruin our friendship, even though we're just best friends with benefits now.

"You're the best friend I've ever had too," I whisper back to him. He smiles at me and leaves a lingering kiss on my lips. He hesitantly pulls away and pecks my nose before closing his eyes. I rest my head on his chest and close my eyes. Before I know it, I'm consumed by sleep.

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