His Secret Lover

Being his secret lover was not what I had in mind but once it started, I found it really hard to stop...


1. Intro

Hey there! My name is Ryleigh Mae Anderson. I'm 18 years old, born August 1st. I'm obsessed with penguins and my favorite color is purple. I'm really weird sometimes and I'm very random. Like I say/shout out loud random things that have nothing to do with what is going on at that moment. My best friend is the one and only Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds Of Summer (also known as 5sos). We've been best friends since infancy cause our mums are best friends. Everyone always jokes that we're brother and sister because Luke and I look a lot alike except for our hair color. He's blonde and I'm a brunette. I love the bromances between the boys. I totally ship Cake *winks* My favorite band is totally 5sos because they're my boys and I support them 100% and my favorite songs are "Amnesia" and "English Love Affair" both by 5sos. Also one more thing Luke and I have a huge secret that no one but us knows about.....

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